Morbid Angel Announce New Album Title, Intentionally Ignore Ignominious – Legendary Florida Death Metal pioneers Morbid Angel have announced their new album will be called ‘Illud Divinum Insanus’, thus perpetuating their tradition of each album title follow alphabetically from the one before it. So yeah, the next one should start with a ‘J’ etc.   I thought I was SO SMART for noticing this all by myself, but after reading the writeup on Wiki, I see that perhaps instead I was just the LAST HUMAN ON EARTH to realize this fact. Doesn’t matter – I still feel smart.

Strangely, there was a bootleg called ‘Ignominious’ that I thought might have been their ‘I’ album, or at least caused the band to skip that letter to avoid confusion.  Confusion be damned apparently as they’ve sauntered forth & ignored that unofficial release.  Good to know, eh?

Anywho, love that David Vincent is back doing vocals but am kinda bummed that longtime drummer Pete Sandoval has been sidelined due to back surgery. This is a band that has been on my bucket list for years, so here’s hoping that they tour nearby (odds are pretty good as they seem to gravitate to the Al Rosa Villa).  Can’t wait to hear ‘Nevermore’, the first single, upon it’s debut May 16th.  Head over to Blabbermouth for all the details.

Gary Holt Filling In With Slayer – Because Of Zombie Infestation – The linked article off KNAC was just too good not to comment on here. First off, how very cool that Gary Holt [Exodus] is filling in for Jeff Hanneman while Slayer continues on tour in Australia. Holt is an awesome guitarist, only wish I could see him tackle the Slaytanic catalog in person. But more interesting to me, is the REASON that Jeff Hanneman is ill.

Hanneman is home recuperating from. . . a flesh-eating virus. No, really! How very Slayer-ish, eh? Not a broken arm like a lesser band might suffer, not an accidental drug overdose. The man has a freakin’ flesh-eating virus!

KNAC goes on to state that doctors think it might be the result of a spider bite. Me, I know the truth; it’s the impending Zombie Apocalypse & Jeff Hanneman is patient zero! I can see it now, 10 months in the future, the world has deteriorated into a walking dead infestation. I survive (OF COURSE – was there any doubt?!) and travel out West where I spy a particularly familiar blond zombie. Before offing him with my 12 gauge, I toss him my Charvel (which I happen to keep handy for just such situations) & and ask him to play a few bars of ‘Seasons in the Abyss’.

Ok, so I have a demented imagination. Anyhow, get well Jeff. And here’s hoping someone posts some video of Gary Holt while he fills-in. Sweet!

SUN UK: Gary Moore’s Death Involved Alcohol – So the SUN UK is reporting that there are indications Gary Moore might have died a la John Bonham & Bon Scott, i.e. choking on his own vomit. Horrible news – wasn’t bad enough that we lost one of the most under-rated guitarists in rock, but now he’ll be known for dying after an apparent drinking binge.

As a long time fan of his work, I’d like to focus on his music & not his premature death. Let the media vultures fight over the morbid details, only the worthy organizations will speak of his tremendous talent. Check out this live footage from 1984, performing a guitar solo I consider every bit as amazing & pivotal as Eddie Van Halen’s ‘Eruption’. The fact that he could so effortlessly reproduce the song live makes him the epitome of the Rock Guitar God. RIP Gary.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Poe

On this, the 202nd anniversary of the birth of Edgar Allan Poe, I’d like to share this article onMSNBC regarding the second straight year of the ‘Poe Toaster’ no showing up to do his annual tribute.

The Poe Toaster is nevermore, me thinks. Good story all the same. Feel free to offer tributes to me when I’m dead & gone in 157 years, mmmk?

Ronnie James Dio’s House For Sale had an interesting article & link to a list on LA Weekly that details the ‘Top Ten LA Musician Mansions for Sale’. No. 1 – a former residence of Mr. Ronnie James Dio. Check it out HERE as unlike some stars where their home looks nothing like you’d expect (Ozzy for example, doesn’t dwell in the blood drenched dungeon I had always envisioned), Dio’s house has tons of antique fixtures, flooring, wallpaper etc. – it’s pretty much EXACTLY where I pictured The Elf bumping around while not on tour. And when I’m talking antique, I mean authentic medieval stuff – not just some 30 or 40 year old sofas.

All of this does nothing to cheer me up regarding my own finances, but it is interesting to see what kind of elaborate homes these folks owned (Mike Ness has one on the list too. Who’d of thought he had that kind of scratch?).

Coming To Skatopia

Whatcha  doin’ Saturday, June 26th?  If you’re me, you’re butt deep in hippies at Columbus’ Comfest, chugging beers and watching local acts on 5 stages.

HOWEVER, if you’re not me (as most of you aren’t) AND you are within driving/flying/teleporting distance of Rutland Ohio (in scenic & fragrant Meigs County), you could catch a show most awesome.  Check it – an assload of bands will be playing at Skatopia including the mighty GWAR – say it with me now – GWAR!, as well as Green JELLO, Psychostick and the legendary Murphy’s Law.  Go HERE for a complete band listing & other sordid details of the affair.  NOTE: Psychostick is playing during the Green Jello set – so if you caught the Parental Advisory tour, this is likely to be a different & instantly memorable event.

And thanks to The J, self proclaimed Guitar Ninja for Psychostick, for letting me know the skinny on the whole deal so I could share it with you meat sacks.  Sadly I’m already committed or I would gladly make the sojourn to see that line-up!  So I leave it up to you, my crazed minions, to infest the event & report back properly on the wanton destruction that ensues.

In that spirit, here’s the karaoke version of ‘Two Ton Paperweight’ by Psychostick.  Enjoy!

RIP – Ronnie James Dio

Sadly, it was announced today that Ronnie James Dio lost his battle to stomach cancer.  Wow, another legend is gone.  We here at the Rim of Hell are truly saddened by this news, and extend our deepest sympathy to Wendy Dio & the rest of Ronnie’s family.  He will be missed. . .