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Rock School in my House

Tomorrow, the family and I will make the 2+ hour trek to Blossom Music Center to catch Iron Maiden on one of the last few shows in their North American tour.  5 Hours of driving (there and back), God knows how long waiting to actually get in and out of the amphitheater, and the luxury of […]

Iron Maiden to Grace Billboard Magazine Cover has an excellent post regarding a special supplement to Billboard magazine that drops May 10, with 40 pages in recognition of Iron Maiden and even including a special Iron Maiden cover (as shown here). This marks the first time EVER that Billboard has replaced their trademark logo with a different font, in this case […]

Judas Priest Release First Single Off “Nostradamus”

Ok, damn near EVERY metal site I went to today was buzzing about the new JP single ‘Nostradamus’, so I figured being a slow day and all, I’d do the same. Click the player below to hear it. Pretty good, huh? I’m stoked. And a couple of horn’s up to my buddy Chris, who was […]

Metallica Will Prevail

You read the title, so you know what I’m on about. But first, a little background. I was into Metallica within a week of “Ride the Lightning” hitting the stores (VINYL, bitch) & bought everything I could of their back catalog from there. I thought they were the greatest thing since sliced bread and they […]

Music Review: Rob Zombie – Zombie Live [Geffen]

At long last we FINALLY have a live CD from Rob Zombie – after all, he’s only been at this band stuff for 20 years or so.  No rush there, Rob. Originally this was announced as being a CD/DVD combo – which made sense because there’s nothing like seeing a Zombie concert.  The live shows are pure legend with […]

Ozzy Osbourne – Black Rain [Epic]

First off, I should start by saying I’m reviewing the ‘free Ozzfest’ ticket version of this CD. And by that I mean that I paid $18.99 for a CD in bare-bones packaging so as to get a code to use for 2 free Ozzfest tickets (jokingly referred to as ‘freefest’ but somehow I’m not seeing […]

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