We Interrupt This Concert Review For An Important Video

I got home late today, so I’m gonna hold off on Part 2 of my thoughts on Woodshock until tomorrow. Have no fear my children, as in the meantime I can share a link that Icon For Hire’s people sent me – the official video for ‘Make A Move’ off the upcoming CD ‘Scripted’ which drops August 23rd. That Ariel. . . she’s awfully easy on the eyes (and ears). Enjoy!

Or you can visit the actual link (show’em some love, mmk?) – HERE

The Famine – VII The Fraudulent

The contenders for 2011 ‘Metal Album of the Year’ are starting to come in. This song by The Famine truly kicks ass (even tho the video itself is fairly low tech). Bound to generate some controversy as well with it’s seemingly anti-Christian imagery. But is it anti-Christian, or just anti-organized religion? Think about it. . .

Anyhow, can’t wait to hear the entire CD, which comes out on Feb. 15th. Enjoy!

Video: The Master’s Sack 36

Found on Youtube.  . . one word, OMG!  Yeah, I know it’s long at 9:41, but watch it.  WATCH IT!  Freakin’ hilarious!  Funnier than 95% of the crap on broadcast TV and 100% of anything on MTV.  Enjoy.

disclaimer: Not safe for work, church, and in the presence of minors.  The Rim of Hell does not condone drug use, profanity or threats of displaying one’s private parts to hapless viewers.

second disclaimer: I HEARD those of you who laughed at the first disclaimer.  We do NOT condone no fucking profanity, mmmk?  Believe it.

third disclaimer: watch the damn video already !

The Next King Of Grindcore

KNAC.com – Thanks to KNAC (linked), I found this video and thought it was funny. And sadly true – most Grindcore is about as complicated (vocally) as this example.

I post this especially for my family members who complain I post too many videos (GODDAMN it Grandma, I told you to get off my site and go back to surfing porn!). Ahem, sorry – it needed to be said.

Anyhow, I present – The Next King of Grindcore. . . .

EMBED-Grindcore Baby – Watch more free videos

Video: Acheron – I Am Heathen

Blabbermouth.net – Featuring this video for two reasons 1) they’re based out of Columbus and 2) a buddy (and occasional commenter on this blog) used to play guitar with these guys. Plus, Vincent Crowley and I seem to attend a lot of the same obscure concerts – although we’ve still never actually spoken to each other.

This is the first professionally shot video the band has done in it’s 20+ years of existence. And for you Anal Cunt fans – Kyle still has a mustache (saw a smart-ass poster on Blabber point that out and literally laughed out loud). Anyhow, decent tune – enjoy.