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Celtic Frost, H. R. Giger & Tom’s Deathmasks

So is passing along a press release that has extreme metal legends Celtic Frost playing on June 21st for the 10th anniversary of the H.R. Giger museum in Château St. Germain, Switzerland.  There will partying, mayhem, debauchery. . .you get the idea.  You can read the whole story HERE. But what I found interesting was the […]

You Can’t Judge a Band by a Logo – Or Can You?

While searching for “do-it-yourself” graphics apps for this site, I found an amusing (albeit dated) thread on regarding the proper design and fonts for creating logos for Black Metal bands. As is typical for any discussion regarding music genres, the comments often disintegrate into “that type of music SUCKS!” kind of drivel, but it’s […]

Music Review: Mystic Shadows – “…Over Old Hills” [Unsigned]

Found these guys on Myspace and amazingly enough, this entire album can be downloaded FREE from their profile.  Yes, free – although I recommend utilizing the included link to Paypal and sending them $8 ($1 per song).  And here is why I say this; Frankly, these guys have balls!  I mean, it takes a lot […]

Marduk – Rom 5:12 [Regain]

Picked up a promo copy of this bad boy a few days ago, and I must say – it hasn’t much left my cd player since. Marduk has returned with traditional Black Metal that should satisfy all of you blasphemers out there. The title comes, I’m assuming, from Romans 5:12 which in the King James […]

Dimmu Borgir – In Sorte Diaboli [Nuclear Blast]

I picked up the new Dimmu Borgir a while ago, and after a few listens (as well as the aforementioned live show), here are my thoughts. It’s a good CD, maybe even qualifying as great – but not awesome. The Norwegian sextet’s sound has changed little since the last album other than a heavier reliance […]

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