Bands You’re Not Listening To – Achren

I’ve recently been enjoying a live DVD for the Scottish Black/Thrash metal band Achren called ‘Impaled at Bloodstock-Open-Air 2010′. I’m convinced these guys need to tour the states with our own Skeletonwitch as there’s a lot of similarity in their musical styles – and they’re both fuckin’ brutal! Achren’s self-described ‘Blood Metal’ sound is one part chest pounding Battle Metal and one part raspy Black – all channeled thru vocalist/guitarist Scott Anderson (who bears resemblance to Soulfly’s Max Cavalera), guitarist Callum Kirk, Bassist John Clark Paterson and skin-bashing demon Gordon Johnston.

The disc features their entire set at Bloodstock, a performance that won them the ‘Metal 2 the Masses Initiative 2010’ title and in turn insured 2011 invites to Metal Camp (Slovenia), the mighty Wacken Open Air (Germany) and a slot on Bloodstock 2011. The Foursome from the Northsome (like that? I just made it up!) blast thru songs like the adrenaline fueled ‘Wings of War’, ‘Blood Soaked Banner’ (one of my fave’s – I love it’s blackened, oldschool vibe), ‘The Way of the Twilight or the Aura of Flies’, ‘Fury of the Northmen’ (another one with catchy Thrash riffs), ‘Forgotten King’, the pummeling ‘Bastards on the Gallows or Bastards on the Rack’ and instant classic ‘Impaled’ (which is included below so you can check it out yourself).

The DVD itself does suffer from a few flaws as Anderson’s guitar is muddled & hard to distinguish, and there’s scarcely any footage of the audience – which is a lot more massive than it would appear at first. Still, the multi-camera angles are professionally shot and Achren’s dominance of the stage is fully captured in all it’s glory.

Definitely give the video a watch as these guys are destined for great things in the hallowed black annals of heavy metal. If you’re interested in getting the full DVD, you can order it HERE. New album ‘The Forgotten King’ is forthcoming too, so watch their site ( for more details.