Anyone who knows me, knows I appreciate beer technology. Or in this case, the adaptation of existing technology for the greater good of beer. Behold. . .

I especially like the attention to detail here.  The straps still wrapped around the unopened ‘paper boxes’.  Brilliantly done, boys!

(thanks Betsy for sharing).

Oh, and check out the originating site – the very funny

Back To School Supplies – Thanks to my buddy Steve I can draw everyone’s attention to two new ‘Back to School’ supplies no self-respecting college student should be without.

First, the Viking Beer Bong [pictured] which would’ve gone very well with the Viking helmet I frequently wore back in my fraternity daze. . . er, days.

The other featured gizmo is the counting beer opener – “It remembers how many you’ve had long after you won’t”.

Ain’t technology awesome?  Follow the link for all the sordid details on both products.

[I’m available for product testing, Mr. Distributor.  Hint, Hint].

Grolsch Introduces Iphone App To Test Drunkiness

Ad Age – Not sure if you had more than enough to drink? Now you can test yourself (sorta. . .kinda) with a new Iphone app being marketed by Dutch brewers Grolsch. Isn’t their company name kind of it’s own sobriety test? But I digress. . .

Follow the link above to learn about the ‘Walk the Line’ app that launched at the North Sea Jazz Festival in The Netherlands. Obviously, it’s not guaranteed to give you your literal blood alcohol level etc. but Grolsch says it was designed “to encourage festival-goers to monitor their alcohol consumption in a “fun, Innovative way” and share it with friends”.

Reminds me of a bar I visited up at Purdue University (my alma mater) that had a coin-op breathalyzer for 50 cents a pop.  Of course, in that instance it had the opposite effect I think that was intended. My buddies and I took turns seeing who could get the HIGHEST score.

Park Street Festival 2009

coupla-dorksThis was how I spent my Saturday night, hanging out on Park Street for the annual festival. What a blast!

About a two block section of the city is closed off for this affair, with a decent sized stage set up at the corner of Park & Spruce streets.  I’d estimate 10 to 20,000 folks showed up to eat, drink and enjoy the line-up of bands.

The wife and I meandered into the thick of it after having some of the best sushi I’ve ever had at Tyfoon (we’ll definitely be back!) & then deciding to check out all the hub-bub.

The first band we saw play was Dot Dot Dot out of Chicago.  Horrible name, pretty good pop oriented rock band boasting two hot gals on guitar & bass.  The band switched off instruments every couple of songs so every member got a spotlight.  They played a lot of ‘dance’ tunes but did cover some  Whitesnake & Black Sabbath.  For this type of festival, they were a perfect fit.  Plus the ladies made me want to volunteer to be a roadie!  Or love slave.

Later, we hung out with my buddy Rubio (pictured to the right) and acquired some nifty light-up devil horns (courtesy of Red Devil energy drink).  Something about seeing the entire patio of Gaswerks lit up with devil horns had me all nostalgic for Halloween.

We had to leave just as headliners Candlebox were taking the stage but I couldn’t help but notice their first song suffered from a really bad sound mix.  Hope that got cleared up for the rest of the set.

Had a great time, will make this festival a ‘must do’ every year moving forward.

Happy Cinco De My-HO

feliz_cinco_de_mayoThat’s how it’s pronounced, I think.   My-Ho?  Perhaps that’s an Americanization, as we’re pretty much bastardized the celebration of the Mexican people defeating the French at the Battle of Puebla anyways.  It now stands as an excuse to get drunk on Tequila and curse another culture in the morning.

But who am I to take offense at an excuse to get drunk on Tequila?

So forgive the bad Myspace stolen pic to the right and go have a margarita, or a Corona, or a Dos Equis or really man up and get yourself some Don Julio 1942.

Enjoy – until tomorrow!

New Scientific Study on Beer-Goggling – Because apparently there’s no other health related news today (cough, cough swine flu cough), has an unusual article about Beer Goggling i.e. the act of perceiving someone as more attractive upon reaching your own level of inebriation. There was a time when I could have written a doctoral thesis on this particular subject but I digress. Besides, my kid’s read this blog on occasion. . .

The research was done over in England by two research psychologists with an apparent gift for getting funding on dubious projects and contrary to the title, actually didn’t study the Beer Goggle effect so much as they studied whether alcohol made you less likely to give a damn if a hot chick was underage. Uhm, ok – like I said, these guys had a GIFT for fund raising, mmmk?

Hit the link above and read the whole sordid thing for yourself. Anything else I say here would only be considered evidence.

Wings, Rings & Beer Tubes

big-beerFriday night the wife, one of the twins (Hayley) and myself decided to try out a restaurant/bar we hadn’t been to in a long time – Buffalo Wings & Rings.  Not to be confused with BW3’s (sorry, that’s Buffalo Wild Wings these days), BW&R have a similar menu and sports bar vibe but in my opinion – better food & prices.  Don’t get me wrong, I love BW3’s sauces but think their wings are tiny.  Plus, I prefer breaded.  Anyone who knows me knows that I practically get my mail delivered at B.C. Rooster’s & am no stranger to Hooter’s either, but consider myself a wing aficionado. I’ll try anywhere at least once!

On the wing front I gotta say, BW&R’s flappers are just ok.  They’re breaded but only lightly (which can be a good thing depending on how health conscious you are) but the sauces were thin and not quite as tasty as some of their competitors.  They did excel at the gyro, kettle chips and cheddar fries that the rest of my table consumed but there was one other item that really turned the tables in their favor.

What BW&R had going for them the most this fine evening was an awesome device called the Beer Tube.  It holds 100 oz. of the Nectar of the Gods, which as it turns out was an adequate amount for my wife (who was driving) and myself (who was not, so guess who drank 80% of it!?).  That’s me in the blurry phone pic at the scene of the crime.  And no, we hadn’t started yet – the phone just takes crappy pics, mmk?

Look at the tube tho, will ya’?  Tis’ a thing of beauty to behold.  Reminds me of the yards of beer I’ve consumed in pubs (such as this fine establishment in Colorado Springs) in my youth.  With a commercial grade tap at the bottom, it was easy to pour and with the height of this bad boy – was even easier to find my table from any restroom trips! But like a yard of ale, you do run the risk of your beverage getting to room temperature before you finish it, so I’d recommend one of these for a small group.  It was $10 bucks to fill but you only had a single choice of brew – Coors Light.  Ah well, it could be worse.

Anyhow, not sure if these babies are featured in every Buffalo Wings & Rings but I did think it added to the experience. Overall, a recommended family outting.

Two thumbs, and one empty glass – up!

Hellraiser Drinking Game

hellraiser-boxKnowing that they are releasing a remake of the 1987 classic horror film ‘Hellraiser’, I’ve been watching the entire series before it is possibly ruined further by this new entry.  Tonight’s feature was ‘Hellraiser IV: Bloodline’, the last of the series to be actually released theatrically.  I liked it – much better than the 4.4 rating is has on

So a little digging and I found a Geocities website HERE that features a Hellraiser drinking game! Now that’s creative, I’ll give them that.

Rules include taking 2 drinks whenever the word ‘Frank’ is uttered and 2 more drinks whenever you hear chattering teeth. If memory serves me correctly, that’ll be a WHOLE lot of drinking already with just those two rules! The biggie is SIX drinks for Frank’s final resurrection – which means many participants might not even make it to the end of the film! Anyhow, interesting twist on an old theme.

As an aside, I’ve always thought ‘Hellraiser’ lent itself nicely to Rocky Horror-esque type shout-outs at the screen. Everytime I see Julia I want to yell “Slut” and everytime I see Larry I want to yell ‘Asshole’. Hmmm, wonder if the remake will be a musical!? Can you see it? “Let’s do the Lament Configuration AGAIN!” or “I’m just a sweet CEN – 0 -Bite!”.

Ok, maybe not. Anyhow, funny idea for a game.