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Drug Fairies

I don’t think we’re winning the War on Drugs. Well, if we are, we’re winning it the same way we ‘won’ Vietnam. It seems to me that too many people either want the drugs or want the easy money associated with the drug trade. I myself am kind of torn on the issue. I hate […]

Inhyeongsa/The Doll Master [2004]

Lavish & eerie debut effort from writer/director Yong-ki Jeong makes for interesting viewing from a well worn premise. 5 people meet up in the standard lavish house in the deep woods, to pose for a wheelchair-ridden doll maker. But of course, things ain’t what they seem and of course, you know this ain’t gonna end […]

Dimmu Borgir – In Sorte Diaboli [Nuclear Blast]

I picked up the new Dimmu Borgir a while ago, and after a few listens (as well as the aforementioned live show), here are my thoughts. It’s a good CD, maybe even qualifying as great – but not awesome. The Norwegian sextet’s sound has changed little since the last album other than a heavier reliance […]

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