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Recovering. . .

Short post tonight – I’m still recovering from this weekend. I attended the Rock N Resort music festival at Clay’s RV resort in N. Laurence, Ohio. Not going to do a full on review as the bands are not very typical for this site but let’s just say I sat through (and in some cases […]

Torman Maxt – The Problem of Pain Part I [Mars Hill]

The third album from Christian Progressive rockers Torman Maxt is the first of a two part concept piece entitled ‘The Problem of Pain Part I’. Part II is apparently already written and will be released sometime in 2008. Anyhow, despite their own admission as being progressive rock, this offering is not your run-of-the-mill ‘progressive’ cd. […]

Sounds of the Underground – Columbus, LC Pavilion 7/22/07

15 bands! 10 hours of music!! My God am I tired!!! That’s right, kiddies, I’m talking about the 2007 edition of the Sounds of the Underground tour which rolled through last night. Lots to talk about so here we go’ [in order of appearance] – 2 Cents – First band up, singing drummer (bonus points) […]

Bluetooth. . . or Tourette’s? You decide. . .

So I’m using the restroom at work, and y’know. . .minding my own business as I’m want to do in public places where male genitalia could potentially be exposed. The Guy Code, that sort of thing. Anyhow, I go hurriedly into the restroom, started to do my business in front of the most out of […]

Amy babe, is that all you got!?

So, I’m reading, at 1:43am, “Amy Polumbo [Miss New Jersey] has gone public with pictures of herself in an “un-lady like manner”. puleeze. Amy, babe – you done nothin’ wrong. Simple frisky fun that some F**KS have tried to exploit. Screw’em. There was nothing in those pictures that even rivals Vanessa Williams – and God […]

Marduk – Rom 5:12 [Regain]

Picked up a promo copy of this bad boy a few days ago, and I must say – it hasn’t much left my cd player since. Marduk has returned with traditional Black Metal that should satisfy all of you blasphemers out there. The title comes, I’m assuming, from Romans 5:12 which in the King James […]

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