David Hasselhoff – Emissary of Satan.

Was channel surfing last night and decided to subject myself to the last 30 minutes or so of the ‘America’s Got Talent’ season finale.  If you caught it, then you know that near the end, judge David Hasselhoff was featured singing the song “This is the Moment” from the Broadway production of ‘Jekyll & Hyde’, of which he once had the starring role.  After the song was over, as fellow judges Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan and host Jerry Springer were talking to The Hoff, he happened to flash “The Devil Horns” before walking off the stage.

I was dumbfounded.  Did I REALLY just see that  – did the former star of Baywatch & Knightrider just give us all the Mano Cornuto on national television!?  I mean, I’ve often suspected David was evil – especially after seeing his ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ video, but this!?!  Has the Hoff joined MS-13!?!  Or dear God. . .is he a metalhead !!!?? HE MUST HAVE BEEN SENT AS AN EMISSARY OF SATAN !!!!!!!

Satanic Hoff ?

Preparing my “I told you so’s”, I decided to do a bit of research to insure I had all of my facts on this matter.  To my surprise, there are several folks out there who’ve dedicated some webspace on the subject – and apparently George Bush, Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Taylor are fond of using the symbol, amongst others.  No one is really certain when the symbol began being used at metal shows but both Gene Simmons and Ronnie James Dio are taking credit for it.  Figures, really.  However, I digress.

What I learned from online (so it MUST be true!) was that what the Hoff did was actually a hybrid, a bastardization if you will, of the “I Love You” symbol from American Sign Language mixed with the notorious ‘metal horns’ frequently used at concerts.   Shredman has an interesting interview with Dio on the subject at his site Defender of Rock which seems to support my theory of Hasselhoff doing neither symbol correctly, if we’re being true-ists.

So, here is what I think I witnessed. If you look at the screenshot, you can see Dave is clearly looking off stage, most likely to the bartender in the Green room. I’m guessing what I mistook for the ‘Devil Horns’ was actually Hoff ordering 2 martini’s to be ready for when he walked over. My bad.

Doesn’t matter, anyways. I’m more disappointed that we had no last minute appearance from the TRUE talent powerhouses that had appeared earlier in the series – the Redneck Tenors.                   

Redneck Tenors