Jagermeister’s Truth in Advertising

Over the weekend, I learned something fascinating and thought I would share it.  Many of you may have heard this before, but it was new to me.

On Saturday, I dropped off some old paint cans at the hazardous waste collection facility.  Since I was doing a lot of yard work, I was dressed in worn clothes and wearing a bandana I recently acquired at Ozzfest.  It happened to have Jagermeister logos all over it.  As I was going about my business, a lady working for the collection plant noticed my bandana and asked me what it said. 

“Is that Orange County Choppers?” she asked.

“No, Jagermeister” I replied

“Ah, Jager.  Oh Dear God!” she exclaimed.  Obviously the mere name invoked bad memories for her – perhaps involving a few shots, sailors on shore leave and a case of whipped cream canisters.

“Excuse me?” I was surprised at her reaction.

“Oh Dear God” she repeated.  “That’s what it says on every bottle.”

I wanted to just flat out say “Nuh Uh!” as I’m fairly well versed in the outer appearance of Jager bottles (having drunk a few in my day) but instead I politely inquired “Where does it say that?”

“Look at the logo” she explained.  “It starts out with a big circle, an ‘O’.  Inside of that is a stag’s head – a deer.  Above the stag’s head is a cross.  Put them together and you get O – Deer – God.  Oh Dear God.”

Jager - Liquid Chaos in a Bottle

And all this time I’d just been SAYING it after a night of drinking the stuff, usually while praying at the porcelain shrine.  Who knew!?