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A Tale of Two Kings.

I have been haunted by King’s recently – an odd coincidence.  First, I read yesterday where Elvis was 42 when he died.  I’m 42, so not only have I outlived Jesus – who only hit 33 by most accounts, but I am now catching up to (and hopefully passing) the King of Rock n’ Roll.  Which […]

Goodbye Spam! Hello new users!!

I wrote a blog article a few weeks ago announcing the removal of banner ads and the fact that my RSS feeds were now fixed.  Apparently, somewhere in that brief monologue I accidently spelled out the ancient, forbidden rite invoking the SPAM demons, because I’ve had a bit of an infestation ever since then.  Always […]

Register to comment – blame the Spam Fucks

Sorry, but I had to go there.  I’ve been getting about 4-5 spam comments a day, which considering my traffic, is abominable.  So, I’ve made it manditory that you must register to comment. I really hate to do that – but as with most things on the ‘net, a few overzealous assholes ruin things for […]

Faith Hill, Tim’s balls & What’s the big deal?

Ok, this is old news, but I STILL find humor in all of it.  You’ve probably heard by now about how a fan tried to grab Tim McGraw’s crotch while he was on stage in Lafayette, Louisiana and how Faith Hill came out and gave the young lady a piece of her mind.  “Somebody needs […]

Uncovering “The Secret” for myself

So if you’ve been to a bookstore or movie theater recently, you’ve probably heard the buzz about the book, now ‘documentary’ movie, “The Secret”.  I have to admit like many people it did make me curious, but I’m too cheap to actually buy the book, or go see the movie.  So I did what any […]

Music Review: Mystic Shadows – “…Over Old Hills” [Unsigned]

Found these guys on Myspace and amazingly enough, this entire album can be downloaded FREE from their profile.  Yes, free – although I recommend utilizing the included link to Paypal and sending them $8 ($1 per song).  And here is why I say this; Frankly, these guys have balls!  I mean, it takes a lot […]

Kinda Changes ‘Bring Your Daughter to Work’ Day, doesn’t it?

I got this in an email today.  Not sure how legitimate it is, but it’s funny all the same.

The Big ‘Doh!’ – Anna Nichole’s Favorite Film

As is all over the news by now, Larry Birkhead has threatened to sue author Rita Cosby & her publisher over the new book ‘Blond Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith’s Death’ over allegations he calls “pure fiction”. Well, the ‘fiction’ that mr. Birkhead is referring to is most likely a videotape that […]

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