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Happy Halloween!

For some reason, this picture makes me feel all tingly. Why doesn’t SHE come trick or treating at my door? You can order this costume, and tons more at For God’s sake, at least browse the pictures!

Dastardly Uses for a ‘Merge Session’ button

Ok, this is lame.  I admit it – lame, lame lame.  But I can’t stop snickering over it, so I’ll share. At work, we are equipped with many of state-of-the-art tools to better facilitate our getting work done.  Free soda, free snacks on occasion, a substandard phone system, fluorescent lighting (or in my case, a […]

The Satanic Freebird?

I had a few ‘incidents’ at the Viva La Band concert that are worth repeating, I’ll start with this one.  Since my work attire and my preferred concert attire don’t much overlap, I changed before the show to my Harley Davidson boots, my near legendary black leather jacket (that’s a whole ‘nother series of tales) […]

Viva La Band – LC Pavilion, Columbus OH 10/26/07

This tour was constructed using bands featured and favored by Bam Margera on his show ‘Viva La Bam’ and sponsored by Rockstar Energy drink.  The roster consisted of Cradle of Filth, GWAR, CKY and Vains of Jenna, although by this date CKY had had to drop off the tour due to “serious injury”.  All in all, […]

Y’know it’s Halloween. . . ’cause GWAR is in town!

Going to the Viva La Band show tonight featuring Cradle of Filth and GWAR.  I’ll put a review (provided I can remember anything tomorrow) later this weekend.  Bring on da’ blood!

Remember When You Could let the Kids Watch Football on TV?

Football – it’s a family sport right?  Ok, a lot of violence, but it’s good clean American violence.  It builds character. The screenshot below is from Monday Night’s Colts/Jags game.  I think you can figure out what this FCC defiant Jag’s fan is doing with that foam.  If not, go watch it on Youtube before it […]

Kid Rock: True to his Image

Anyone else think it’s hilarious that within days of Kid Rock’s new album “Rock N Roll Jesus” being RIAA certified at #1 that he is involved in a scuffle in the parking lot of an Atlanta Waffle House?  I mean, I can take or leave his new stuff, but how cool is that!?  A man […]

X-files: I ordered it!

A few weeks ago I posted how I was going to use the knowledge from the book “The Secret” to gain a shiny new ‘X-files: The Ultimate Collection’ boxed set from  Of course, I don’t actually own “The Secret”, nor have I read it . . . or ever intend to, for that matter […]

Review: 30 Days of Night

I anticipated this baby from the day I heard it was in production and Sam Raimi was involved as producer.  Now that it’s here, the results are uneven, but mostly positive. In our story, Barrow Alaska is getting ready for it’s annual winter month of total darkness, which lasts – ta dah – 30 days.   Unbeknownst […]

What I’m listening to. . . week of 10/15

Not as much stuff has blasted thru my CD player as of late, but here’s what I recall; Midnight Syndicate – Vampyre: Symphonies from the Crypt: Harpsichords, creepy organs & sinister synths OH MY!  Really like “Blackest Rose” off of this disc. SkeletonWitch – Beyond the Permafrost: “Blackened Thrash” out of Athens, OH.  I’ve seen […]

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