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Music Review: Deadsea – Deadsea [Chrome Leaf]

Hailing from my hometown of Columbus, Ohio is the enigmatic and talented threesome known as Deadsea.  Difficult to pigeon-hole in a single genre, I settled on the word ‘Progressive’ although I could’ve just as easily gone with ‘Avantgarde’ or ‘Experimental’.  The self-titled disc has elements of Doom, Death, Thrash, Classical, Punk and even Jazz mixed into […]

Merry Christmas!

Yeah, that’s right.  Christmas.  Not ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Seasons Greetings’.  No sissy-fied attempt at being PC.  Just a simple ‘Merry Christmas’.  In that spirit, check out the long, sexy Santa gloves from That’ll make you set out more than just milk and cookies, eh? If you don’t celebrate Christmas, enjoy the peace and quiet.  […]

Christmas at the Spear’s Family

Yes indeedy, I’m thinking it will be a lively ole’ Christmas for the Spear’s family this year.  So much talk of baby showers and rehab haven’t been mixed together since Kurt Cobain died.    You’d have to be very careful how you reference ‘Christmas snow’, know what I mean? And just WHO thought it would be a good […]

Manowar release cover of “Silent Night” on their website. No, really – they did.

Under the heading of “You ain’t gonna believe this shit”, American loincloth metallers Manowar have released their first ever Christmas song, a cover of “Silent Night” in both english and german versions.  You can download either of them for free off the band’s website at Http:// I’ve always loved Manowar’s music – it’s a bit […]

“New” Old Singer for Iced Earth is reporting that Matthew Barlow is returning to singing duties for power metalists Iced Earth, so soon in fact that he will be recording the vocals for the upcoming Something Wicked Part II concept CD.  The way KNAC reports it, band founder Jon Schaffer reached out to Barlow when he heard that the once […]

Let that be a Lesson to us all.

So, while checking out, I see this blurb mentioning tonight’s new episode of “Supernatural”; I SOO thought of this idea year’s ago.  I have a list of creative thoughts I intend to incorporate into short stories, and this is on it.  Not very high up, mind you ’cause I kinda thought it was a dorky […]

Review: I Am Legend [2007]

Just came back from a sneak preview of the much anticipated Will Smith film ‘I Am Legend’ and can sum it up in one word.  Whoa!  I don’t throw this kind of thing around lightly, but Smith deserves an Academy award for his performance. . . not that’ll he even get nominated, seeing as how it’s a […]

Being a Bad Influence on my Kids . . .Again

Last week sometime, while driving my daughters to and from their Tae Kwon Do lessons, I happened to tell them a story from when I was a youth (No, Jesus was NOT in my graduating class).  Anyhow, we were talking about lousy teachers we’ve each had over the years, and my tale was of an […]

The Misfits – Alrosa Villa, Columbus Ohio 12/7/07

It’s been a long time since I’d witnessed the Misfits in concert, and their 30th anniversary show was definitely a site for sore eyes.  Jerry Only (the ONLY remaining founding member) plus Dez and Robo, both formerly of Black Flag, assaulted the stage like undead commandos, and relentlessly blasted through their set with enthusiastic professionalism, while offering […]

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