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Death – Now Serving Geeky and Sexy

A buddy of mine passed along this article from Gearlog (not MY usual read but he fashions himself an assassin) regarding the new line of Star Trek coffins. Indeed. Because nothing quite puts a cherry on top of a nerdy little existence than to declare for all eternity your forbidden love for James Tiberius Kirk. […]

‘Ripper’ Owens to Sing For Yngwie. Place Your Bets Now.

Ok, so and a ton of other sites are saying that Yngwie Malmsteen (y’know, THE Yngwie “J” Malmsteen) has announced his new lineup, which will feature none other than Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens on vocals!  Him of ex-Judas Priest and ex-Iced Earth fame. Now, anyone familiar with Mr. Malmsteen knows that he’s had roughly 2000 lead singers […]

“We Better Not Hear Those Dice Rolling”

Last year for Valentine’s Day, my wife bought me several naughty items from Spencer Gifts.   One of the items was a set of heart shaped, scented candles – one was a set of dice with various commands printed on one of the die, things like “Kiss my. . . ” or “Caress my. . . ” and body […]

Movie Review: Jumper

  I put this review under ‘Fantasy’ but it’s really more of a Sci-Fi/Fantasy mix.  I’m not gonna split hairs on my categorization.  The story is based on a novel by Steven Gould and involves a race of genetic mutants (sound familiar) who have the ability to essentially teleport anywhere they wish to go.  As […]

Darth Metal

What happens if you get a band that mixes Death Metal with a rabid love of Star Wars?  You get Anchorhead, of course!  Self-proclaimed purveyors of ‘Darth Metal’, this British ensemble (not to be confused with the Minnesota band of the same name, eh) sport Star Wars helmets while playing crunchy compositions clearly inspired by the George […]

“Dilbert” Creator Exacts Revenge For Fired Employee

So the Desmoines Register is reporting that Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert newspaper comic, has begun incorporating a real-life incident as inspiration for the strip.  Dave Steward, a 7 year employee of the Catfish Bend Casino in Burlington, Iowa was terminated for posting a Dilbert cartoon on an office bulletin board in which […]

April 19 2008 to be Record Store Day is reporting that April 19, 2008 will be celebrated as Record Store Day, to honor the independently owned record stores across the land – an endangered species, unfortunately.  Supposedly there will be special events at participating stores etc. – you can read the full article HERE Now if I can wax poetic a moment, I recall […]

And It’s Only Monday

Yep, this could be it.  The big one.  The lamest, most sadly uninspired piece of shit I’ve ever put onto the web.  Enjoy.  And if you’re a regular reader, you realize that this is really saying something, considering some of my old posts.  So let’s begin. . . Attended the Easyrider Motorcycle show this weekend.  […]

Real Life Intervenes.

Reality happened again.  I’ve been unable to write the past few days due to a plethora of personal events, most notably my mother having surgery yesterday that had me sitting in a waiting room for almost 12 hours without so much as even cell phone reception. Still, her surgery to ‘unclog’ the right carotid artery was successful […]

Exorcism Center to be Built in Poland

So is reporting that a polish priest, one Rev. Andrzej Trojanowski (tough break on that last name, dude) is planning to build a “spiritual oasis” in the town of Poczernin, about 20 miles from the port city of Szczecin.  It would be the only center in Europe dedicated to exorcisms. The good reverend believes […]

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