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But These Go to 11. . .

Wasn’t gonna post today. . . had to visit a couple friends at Hooters.  Yeah, it’s tough to be me. But on returning home, I found myself watching VH-1 Classic as they showed the umpteenth re-run of “This is Spinal Tap”.  God damn, I love that movie!  It’s quite simply a brilliant piece of cinematography that you […]

WordPress 2.5 upgrade successful.

Ok, at the risk of sounding like a broken record – let me know if anything’s not working.  In the span of 30 min., I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 as well as downloaded & installed new versions of two plugins.  Damn, I’m gettin’ good at this stuff! Actually, part of what makes WordPress awesome – aside from […]

Multiple RSS Feeds

If you’ve been here before, you may have noticed the very LARGE RSS feed icon on the upper righthand side has been replaced by 2 smaller versions – one for the main Posts, one for user Comments.  Nothing particularly earthshaking about any of this, I only mention it in case any of you who do subscribe […]

Signs of the Apocalypse #174 – ‘Chinese Democracy’ May be Released Free, & Include a Dr. Pepper.

Gonna keep it short tonight as I was home from work sick all day.  I feel like crap – and it’s seriously cutting into my beer consumption, dammit! has an article about Guns N’ Roses 17 years in the making opus “Chinese Democracy”, and how it might actually be released. . .Free. And then it […]

You Can’t Judge a Band by a Logo – Or Can You?

While searching for “do-it-yourself” graphics apps for this site, I found an amusing (albeit dated) thread on regarding the proper design and fonts for creating logos for Black Metal bands. As is typical for any discussion regarding music genres, the comments often disintegrate into “that type of music SUCKS!” kind of drivel, but it’s […]

GREEN JELLŸ Have reunited. Be Afraid. . .

Yes indeedy, another little morsel from those folks in the know over at Apparently comedic metal phenomenon Green Jelly (or Jello for those who remember) have reformed and are touring. Not to my hometown – but they’re touring nonetheless! You may recall they had a MTV hit with “The Three Little Pigs?”  Who knew that […]

Keep of Kalessin’s Columbus Show to be Streamed for FREE is reporting that Norway’s Keep of Kalessin will be streaming their performance in Columbus live on the site  KoK is opening for Dimmu Borgir & Behemoth as part of the Invaluable Darkness Tour Part II.  If you’re an old reader, you’ll recall that Part I of that tour was reviewed HERE by yours truly. This […]

Britny Fox – Alrosa Villa, Columbus Ohio 3/20/08

Thank GOD for Britny Fox!!  Why, you ask?   Simple.  While other so called Glam bands are trying to relive the glory days, feeding off the corpse of their dying image, Britny Fox is reinventing itself with younger talent and a whole lot of passion.  This makes for an entertaining show, I’m here to tell you.  And it’s me […]

Is Gene Simmons a Liar?

I was sucked into last night’s episode of ‘Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels’ on A&E, as it was the heavily promoted episode where Gene subjects himself to a lie detector test over questions to his faithfulness to longtime girlfriend & former Playboy playmate Shannon Tweed.  Live on the air in LA with Adam Carolla and Danny Bonaduce, no […]

Bad Things to Do With a Nannycam

So one of my co-workers likes to check up on her nephew via a webcam as he spends his time at daycare.  Y’know, making sure he’s not abused or neglected or taught to do the ‘electric slide’.  Cruel stuff like that. Anyhow, as I watched her checking the site today I couldn’t help but think about […]

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