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Re: The 300 Movies You Must See Before You Die!

Maxim magazine online has an article with the aforementioned title – not that they’re ones to be overdramatic or anything. A quick glance thru the list puts me at 128 out of 300 – which is probably a failing score but I like to think of it as being almost halfway done. That is if […]

Et Tu Jimi? Reported Hendrix Sex Tape To Be Released by Vivid

The NY Times has an interesting article about a reported sex tape surfacing of guitar god Jimi Hendrix, which of course is going to be offered by Vivid Video – tasteful distributors of such classics as the ‘Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee’ tape and the ‘Kim Kardashian’ tape. Which reminds me, I need to order Kim’s tape. […]

Dethklok – Need I Say More?

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m late to the ball on this one. . .very, very late. I’ve avoided watching Metalocalypse on Cartoon Network for over a year now because I thought it was another ‘Beavis & Butthead’ type piece of crap. Well, there are similarities – it’s totally tasteless, humor in the lowest vein & […]

Milfs of Faith?

Nationwide arena is beset with a ‘Women of Faith’ convention for this weekend, which I’m sure has all the area bars ready to cash in on the influx of fresh meat populating their happy hours. Ok, maybe with the Catholics anyways. Or maybe not. Anyhow, I’m generally distrustful of organized religious events like this but […]

Happy Birthday, Rim of Hell !

Yep, one year ago today I posted my first entry – a review of the Dimmu Borgir show I’d just witnessed up in Cleveland.   Only posted one more time that month, and only 3 times a month for the next two months.  Let’s just say I was slow to get started. A year later, I’m […]

Therion Faces Major Shake-up

I just noticed a little tidbit in Metal news that was actually posted back on the 18th – Therion has decided to effectively split-up. Founder/guitarist/vocalist Christofer Johnsson is the only remaining permanent member while the other three – guitarist Kristian Niemann, Bassist Johan Niemann & drummer Petter Karlsson have all opted to part amicably and […]

Judas Priest Release First Single Off “Nostradamus”

Ok, damn near EVERY metal site I went to today was buzzing about the new JP single ‘Nostradamus’, so I figured being a slow day and all, I’d do the same. Click the player below to hear it. Pretty good, huh? I’m stoked. And a couple of horn’s up to my buddy Chris, who was […]

Hey, It’s 4:19. Got a Minute?

So I had a ‘cyber-doobie’ texted (or passed if you will) to me on my cellphone this morning by a zealous buddy. I had forgotten it was 4-20 today – the unofficial ‘official pot smoker’s day’. Yeah, I’m getting old so my priorities have changed to stuff like . . .I dunno, bills & fixing […]

The Longest Band Name in Metal

I have this theory. It’s kinda along the lines of those people who say “what if every story that can be written, HAS been written?” or “What if there are no more new songs possible?” Like all the possible variations of notes have already been recorded and now each band is just regurgitating previous material?. […]


Saw the zanyness known as Ludo again last night. This time, I took my wife since she enjoys the song ‘Love Me Dead’ and had never seen the guys live. It was a fun show, as expected. Small turn-out at the venue but what they lacked in numbers they made up in enthusiasm. If you […]

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