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Type O Negative/Hatebreed – Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH 6/27/08

Hatebreed doesn’t allow pens or pencils into the audience (most likely, for very good reason) so I had to basically do this review from memory.  Right, that’s like teaching a one-legged man to rollerblade.  It can be done, but somehow you just KNOW things are missing. First up was Columbus’ own X-Factor 1, an excellent […]

On Tour for a Few Days

Yep, won’t be posting a lot for the next few days but will return with some tales, I’m sure; Seeing Type O Negative/Hatebreed/3 Inches of Blood tomorrow night.  OH YEAH!  Review will follow (eventually). On Sat & Sunday I will be attending the Columbus Community Festival (Comfest), the largest unsponsored, totally independent festival of it’s […]

Three Cheers for Chipotle

In Mid-Ohio today from 5-8p, Chipotle was giving away a free burrito, or bowl or tacos – plus a small drink, to anyone who came thru the door. Supposedly, this was their way of saying ‘Thanks’ and to relieve customers a little from the cost of high gas prices. Ironic isn’t it – Chipotle actually RELIEVING […]

There’s a Smartass Everywhere

Got this in my email this morning from my buddy Steve.   It’s funny.  Oh c’mon, you KNOW it is!

Goodbye George. . .and Thanks!

Sad news about the passing of George Carlin on Sunday.  His was a unique and pioneering voice in the world of comedy. . . one that won’t be replaced. I remember seeing him do the ‘Seven Words You Can’t Say on TV’ live in Dayton, only by this time in his career it had grown […]

Is Bret Michaels the Long Lost Son of Goldie Hawn? & – So I was checking out the article on listing the ’10 Oldest Women We’d Still Bang’. I have to say I agree with most on that list – except maybe Diane Sawyer. Too much sassy investigative journalism there. Not Good. But then I couldn’t help but notice this pic of […]

There Will be an Ozzfest 2009 Tour? – Yep, according to the one who should know (Sharon), Ozzfest 2009 will once again be a traveling tour. This according to her interview on Opie & Anthony ( Not that Oz will step foot anywhere near my town (I truly believe he hates Columbus, but that’s another story) but it’s nice to see […]

Woman Sues Over Defective Thong – CNN is Dumb Enough to Cover It – Just when you think the American justice system can’t get any worse, check out this link. A woman is suing Victoria’s Secret because of a ‘defect’ that caused a thong she was trying on to snap and a metal piece to hit her in the eye – reportedly causing permanent damage. Design flaw, […]

Confused About ‘Nostradamus’

A while back I talked about how we could learn a lot from Trent Reznor’s distribution models for his past two releases ‘Ghosts I-IV’ and ‘The Slip’. Especially ‘Ghosts I-IV’ since it introduced a tiered level of purchasing from free all the way to a $300 uber-fan edition. I liked the creativity and insight behind […]

Iron Maiden’s MSG Show Haunted by “Ghost of Sharon Osbourne”

Almost as a followup to my own review of the current Iron Maiden tour HERE is news of the band’s show at Madison Square Garden having a lengthy power interruption a la the Ozzfest tiff with Sharon Osbourne of a few years back. In fact vocalist Bruce Dickinson tempts fate by mentioning the “ghost of […]

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