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Charlotte Musician Creating Heavy Metal CD. . . For Pre-Schoolers. – Starting ’em out young is Charlotte, NC guitarist Eric Bryant who’s in the process of recording what is billed “to be the world’s first educational heavy metal CD — for preschoolers”.  It’ll be interesting to see if this actually works but boy, I can see it now – daycares blasting out “Smoke on the […]

Headbanging for Jesus – Fratello Metallo

Meet Cesare Bonizzi – a Capuchan monk from Musocco City (near Milan, Italy) & lead vocalist for the metal band Fratello Metallo (translated as ‘Metal Brother’ according to Google).    Holy Diver indeed! According to Reuters UK, Friar Bonizzi became a metalhead after getting into Metallica about 15 years ago and doesn’t use his metal pulpit to preach Christianity, […]

Now You Can Shower Like a Psycho!

If you’re like me (ok, no one is probably quite like me) you wish it was Halloween year ’round. If my wife would let me, I’d have a Halloween house – inside & out, all year long. Y’know, corpses in the flower beds, tombstones, maybe a batshaped door knocker or something. And a creepy doorbell […]

Make Your Own Cover

Had yet another crazy weekend – went to the Columbus Jazz & Rib Festival, had a birthday & moved my oldest daughter back into the house.  So a short post tonight just to let everyone know I’m still alive, and to show off this funny photo I made on the ZonePerfect site. Actually, they took […]

Movie Review – X-Files: I Want to Believe

Just got back from a sneak preview of the new ‘X-files: I Want to Believe’ movie.  I wanted to believe it would be awesome.   It wasn’t, and the lack of promotion on the studio’s part should have tipped us all off.  The good news, it wasn’t terrible either. The story takes up some years after the […]

The Conquering – A Home We Lost

It’s Black Metal time. . .from my home town of Columbus, Ohio. Yes, you read that correctly. Ohio beeyatches. Talkin’ about The Conquering, a group who have a bit of history with the ole’ Rev. Some members are kind enough to read/comment on this blog occasionally but without regards to that – if they sucked I’d […]

Motorhead to Tour, Misfits Are One of the Opening Acts

Just read on that Motorhead has announced a headlining tour, with The Misfits, Valient Thorr, Airbourne and Year Long Disaster.  Wow, that’s a lot of opening acts.  So now I’m wondering if we get ALL of them when they come to Columbus (September 14), or just one or two.  Time will tell I guess. […]

Rock N’ Resort 2008

I have returned from the humid wilds of Canal Fulton, Ohio – a little sunburned, sweaty, dirty, tired & guzzling quarts of water.  But it was worth it, as this year’s show was even more fun than the last.  The wife and I made lots of new friends such as the strangely familiar guy in this […]

Off Like a Prom Dress

I’m outta here for a few days. . . again.  Rock N’ Resort Music Festival starts tomorrow, liver training has begun tonight. I’m most looking forward to seeing Nazareth, Sweet, Savoy Brown and Blue Oyster Cult again (C’mon guys – Black Blade.  For ME – play it!  I know it’s in your rotation this tour.  DO […]

Need a Name for Your Band?

Musically inclined but not so good at putting a name on what you and the guys are creating in the basement? Have no fear, the good folks over at are here to help! They give you. . .ta-da, the WDN Original Celebrated Curiously Bad Band Name List. Huzzah! As they tell it, the names […]

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