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Wykked Wytch Cover Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life” – Extreme metal act Wykked Wytch have released their own rendition of Evanescence’s huge hit “Bring Me to Life” on their Myspace page HERE.  You may recall this is the same female fronted sextet that covered the Eurythmic’s “Sweet Dreams” in a bludgeoning sonic assault far different than Marilyn Manson’s more popular version. I have […]

Stop Picking on Uwe Boll

That’s right, you read the header. . . I’m DEFENDING one of the most notorious film directors on the internet.  Why, you ask?  “The man directed Bloodrayne II for Christ’s sake, Rev!  Have you lost your freakin’ mind!?! HE GAVE TARA REID A LEADING ROLE – AS A SCIENTIST!!!  MY GOD MAN, WHAT ARE YOU (OR […]

Titans on the Horizon – 3 (Possibly 4) MAJOR Major Label Releases Due This Fall

My readership is a pretty Metal savy group (of course!) but in case you were not aware, there are THREE major releases in the upcoming month or so.   Four if you count Slipknot’s “All Hope is Lost” CD which dropped just yesterday.  The other biggies are; Sept. 12th – Metallica “Death Magnetic” Oct. 20th – […]

Horror Fan Buys One Entire Showing For Movie – So a man in Bangalore, India bought every seat to a showing of the movie ‘Phoonk’ to disprove the director’s claims that no one could sit through the entire film alone.  Yes, he survived (DUH!). And while I admire the “shut the hell up” attitude of the fan, I can’t help thinking how sad is […]

Zombie Rock

A while back I did a post about free online zombie games & it  continues to be a well read article to this day.  Now, being that I do love zombies, let’s look again at our restless dead friends, only this time to a small subgenre of horror metal – that of Zombie Rock.  And no, I ain’t […]

The Rules of Metal Concert T-shirts

I’ve been meaning to weigh in on this subject for a while now, as it seems to be a hotly debated topic around & about. In fact, while researching this post I found two interesting posts Here and Here– both from Ohio based bloggers like myself. Apparently we here in the Midwest REALLY take this shit […]

De-Motivational Poster

Sometimes in life, you just don’t make the impression you THINK you do. . .

Cruefest – Riverbend Music Center – Cincinnati, OH 8/19/08

Attended the first annual Cruefest yesterday – the Motley Crue headed tour that also features Buckcherry, Papa Roach, Sixx AM (Nikki Sixx’s side project) & Trapt.   First off, this is the first time I’ve been to Riverbend in over 10 years & I really hate the layout now.  Who in their right mind puts EIGHT […]

Wing Zing 2008

Budweiser’s Wing Zing is becoming somewhat of a tradition here in ole’ C-bus, as for many people like myself it incorporates three really awesome things together in one event; beer, wings & rock n’ roll!   So Saturday, this is the kind of mayhem the wife and I decided to get into (that’s her pictured with […]

Just in Time for Football Season – The Beer Belly & The Wine Rack

From those zany folks at comes the Beer Belly.  Actually, I think a picture is worth a 1000 words here; It’s a wearable bladder (with attached drinking hose) capable of holding 80 oz. of fluid, that you strap to your middle to look like a spare tire.  Brilliant – unless you REALLY have a big […]

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