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5 Positive Things About THIS Black Monday

The Dow dropped 778 points today after congress failed to pass the 700 Billion dollar bank bailout plan -the largest single-day stock drop in American history.   I’d like to hope that this delay means some of our esteemed Congressmen are thinking this rather expensive notion all the way through rather than reacting in a knee […]

Seether – Newport Music Hall, Columbus Ohio 9/25/08

Good triple bill last night featuring Seether, with opening acts State of Shock & Ashes Divide, at a nearly sold-out show at Columbus’ Newport Music Hall.  Here’s how it went; State of Shock was first up, a pop aware alt-rock band out of Vancouver.  They reminded me of Hinder so if you like that style, […]

Preparing for Seether

Won’t be posting for a day or two as I’m taking my twins to see Seether tomorrow night at the Newport. This really isn’t for me so much as for the girls, who have been begging to go since they saw the show listed. I’m such a softie. I’ve seen Seether at least once before […]

Tattoo Santa For Christmas

I know we’re still in September but you gotta plan ahead, right? I’ve been playing around with the video e-card site created by digital ad agency R/GA called ‘Tattoo Santa’. Yeah, it’s from 2007 but it’s still awesome. The premise is you pick out a tat for the old guy (be it on his arm, […]

Ted Nugent Offers To Be Personal Bodyguard for Sir Paul – Ole’ Uncle Ted is at it again! He’s offered his services as personal bodyguard/marksmen/general all around badass to none other than Sir Paul McCartney. It seems Mr. McCartney has been receiving death threats from extremist Muslim groups since he declared his intent to perform in Israel as part of it’s 60th birthday celebration.  […]

John Pinette at the Easton Funnybone 9/19/08

Friday the wife and I celebrated out 19th wedding anniversary.  Technically our anniversary is Tuesday the 23rd but Fridays are much more fun to celebrate on, so we moved it up a bit. 19 years.  You know the joke, if I’d have just shot her the night we met, I’d be a free man by now.  […]

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

In case none of your geeky co-workers have informed you by going ‘AARRRRR’ in your voice mail, today is indeed ‘International Talk Like a Pirate Day’.  International – but somehow I just can’t see people in say . . . . Zimbabwe, celebrating.  Perhaps it’s just me.  They do celebrate in Somalia however. . . […]

So Did Metallica Save Metal?

I’ve intentionally avoided all the hub-bub over the new Metallica album “Death Magnetic” because frankly, it’s been covered to death elsewhere. I’ve even only heard one song so far – “That Was Just Your Life” and found it more guitar driven than usual, and with less overall crunch.  Still, it was much better than anything on […]

New Dark Funeral Widget

Got another new widget for you to check out – from Dark Funeral. See it below (seems to load slow at first, but if you click a vid it gets going). Anyhow, thanks to for the info.

Sigh – A Tribute to Venom [The End Records]

Picked up this vinyl/CD combo the other day from The End Records.  As the name implies, it’s a tribute EP performed by legendary Japanese Black Metallers Sigh covering only Venom songs (7 in all). There are two versions currently available – a limited run of etched black vinyl w/CD (2000 copies) and a very limited run of etched […]

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