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Happy Halloween

On the actual Halloween day (Oct. 31), we’re throwing a party. Actually, my daughter is throwing a party. . . I’m ‘supervising the liquor distribution’. So, probably no more posts until November for me. With that in mind, here’s a final parting Halloween photo. Enjoy. . . .

Insert Yourself Into The Terror

You may have noticed I’m fond of the various promo sites that let you upload a pic of yourself into the video. Found another one, this time Halloween themed. It’s sponsored by Fox Video & promotes several of their creepier DVD titles. The site is in case you want to try this yourself. I […]

GWAR – Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH 10/26/08

As you may have heard me say before, it’s not Halloween in my book until I see The Misfits and/or GWAR in concert. This year, I was fortunate to see both in October. Toxic Holocaust started off the ‘Electile Dysfunction’ show, basically walking onto stage, plugging in & going for it. Ya’ gotta love a […]

House of Nightmares & Dead Acres

Went to two different haunted houses over the weekend, thought I’d share the experiences with you all; Friday night was Dead Acres (or the Haunted Hoochie – depending on the billboard sign, they seem to go by BOTH names). Personally I like ‘Dead Acres’ better – ‘Haunted Hoochie’ leaves me expecting zombie skanks wandering around […]

Horror Movies That Made It to Five (Sequels, That Is) – Found a somewhat funny slide show on recounting Horror movie franchises that made it to at least 5 films in the series (in honor of Saw V coming out, no doubt). Some of these should never have made it past. . . oh, ONE (I’m looking right at you, creators of ‘Chucky’). […]

Play Against Trivium Band Members On Call of Duty 4 Tomorrow Only!

Sorry for the late notice on this one folks, but I just heard from my peeps that you can play against the BAND MEMBERS of Trivium on your Xbox tomorrow 10/23 on the game Call of Duty 4! Here’s the press release; Play Call of Duty 4 against Trivium Trivium have been threatening to make […]

KISS Election T-Shirts

In case there was any doubt as to how much of a merchandising behemoth KISS has become, I give you. . . the official KISS Election T-shirts.  Yeah, yeah – I know they’ve probably been available for a while.  What can I say, I don’t hang out on the KISS merch page all that often. […]

My ‘True Hollywood Story’ – Thanks to Time Warner

Ever want to be the star of your own sordid Hollywood biography?  Now you can, thanks to a new site put up by those zany folks at Time Warner.  You can upload a pic (or use one of theirs), choose your starting location & just how great the ups & downs of your career were.  […]

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Auctioning Off Bullet Belt on Ebay – So it would seem that the Megadeth Ebay store is auctioning off Dave Mustaine’s infamous bullet belt worn on tour & photo shoots (‘Rust in Peace’ era, I believe – maybe earlier). Check out the article for pics and a link to the auction if you wanna bid.  As of this writing, the price is […]

Motorhead Motorcycle Helmets

Considering Motorhead’s fanbase, the fact that they’ve just released three versions of customized motorcycle helmets really shouldn’t surprise anyone.  My fav is the Harley half-shell, pictured to the right.  Nice price tag of about $160 bucks on that one too – but each IS a collector’s item being numbered and nicely packaged, so I suppose […]

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