Happy Halloween

On the actual Halloween day (Oct. 31), we’re throwing a party. Actually, my daughter is throwing a party. . . I’m ‘supervising the liquor distribution’. So, probably no more posts until November for me. With that in mind, here’s a final parting Halloween photo. Enjoy. . . .

Insert Yourself Into The Terror

You may have noticed I’m fond of the various promo sites that let you upload a pic of yourself into the video. Found another one, this time Halloween themed. It’s sponsored by Fox Video & promotes several of their creepier DVD titles. The site is http://mymoviemoment.com in case you want to try this yourself. I chose ‘Alien’. . . but I look more like a refugee from John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’. Scary!

GWAR – Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH 10/26/08

As you may have heard me say before, it’s not Halloween in my book until I see The Misfits and/or GWAR in concert. This year, I was fortunate to see both in October.

Toxic Holocaust started off the ‘Electile Dysfunction’ show, basically walking onto stage, plugging in & going for it. Ya’ gotta love a group that just gets to work! On paper, they are a one-man band out of Portland (vocalist/guitarist Joel Grind – who looks a lot like Taime Down of Faster Pussycat, imho) but on stage he is accompanied by session musicians. Their sound is like that of early Slayer/Metallica if they had merged with Possessed at some point. Pretty decent shit.

Next up is supergroup Kingdom of Sorrow formed by vocalist Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) and guitarist Kirk Windstein (Crowbar/Down), playing alongside guitarist Kenny Hickey (Type O Negative), drummer Derek Kerswill(Seemless/Unearth) & Bassist Matthew Brunson (Shedding Old Skin). Heavy, mosh-laiden riffage that reminded me of Hatebreed (probably just cause Jasta was singing) and maybe some old Crowbar stuff (again, go figure). Great band live – well worth catching.

Headliners GWAR were loud, bloody and totally off the hook – as expected. In the spirit of the election, they were lobbying for their manager Sleazy P. DeMartini to be elected president. Even sold shirts to that effect, if you so desired.

The show itself featured, in addition to the usual mayhem and destruction, 3 different wrestling matches for the fabled ‘Frank Sinatra Belts of World Domination’. The first was John McCain against cave troll Bonesnapper, the second a tagteam with Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton (working TOGETHER!?) versus Oderus/Bonesnapper, the third was Oderus/Bonesnapper versus well. . . some evil clown villains. Hey, I don’t keep track of all these characters. Needless to say, there was bloodshed a plenty and NO presidential candidates survived the massacre. Hillary even had her boobs cut off, only to shoot gallons of blood into the crowd – like pretty much everything else in the show.

Sound wise, well – they’re GWAR! They’re heavy, they’re rude & they’re a ton of fun to see.  Meanwhile they beheaded talkshow host Steve Wilco on stage, had an appearance by the ‘Reaganator’ & Oderus feasted on a fetus before ripping it in half & having it spiked on his shoulders. Yep, wholesome family fun. Follow this link to Metalsetlists.com listing of the Detroit show (the night before mine). I believe the setlist is the same but hell, I was too busy ducking body parts to be completely sure.

Anyhow, great show – it feels like Halloween now!

House of Nightmares & Dead Acres

Went to two different haunted houses over the weekend, thought I’d share the experiences with you all;

Friday night was Dead Acres (or the Haunted Hoochie – depending on the billboard sign, they seem to go by BOTH names). Personally I like ‘Dead Acres’ better – ‘Haunted Hoochie’ leaves me expecting zombie skanks wandering around in leopard mini-skirts and 3 inch heels. Come to think of it, that could be a new metal band – 3 inch HEELS of blood. I’m hilarious.

Anyways, this house is ranked among the top in the country by Hauntworld.com, a haunted house industry website, so I was expecting some good stuff. It was raining & I hoped the possible 3 HOUR (!!!!) line would be significantly shorter. It was but I still ended up waiting for 45 minutes in the rain while they did ‘maintenance’. Nevertheless, it wasn’t 3 hours so that was a relatively minor inconvenience.

Once inside, we were treated to a roughly 20 minute tour with gallons of blood, some really decent animatronics and lots of creepy horror scenes (including a funny one involving a baby delivery & a sledgehammer – say no more). Everything looked pretty slick but I still couldn’t help but be a little disappointed. Many scenes were contained to one area rather than having actors that could chase you around further into the house. I also think a lot was lost by the sheer size of the group they send through each time (about 10 of us) which made many scenes seem less threatening. A pitch black maze for example, was easily navigated because we ran into the people ahead of us who had already figured out all the dead ends. Had there been only 4 of us, we’d have been there for half an hour! Ultimately, the houses’ popularity may be working against it as the staff tries to contend with the huge mob waiting to get inside. Still, a lot of attention was paid to details and I would definitely go see this one again (maybe with a coupon, that ticket price was pretty steep).

Saturday was House of Nightmares, which was also pretty damn scary. They kept the group size small (only 2 of us) and there was a LOT of darkness to contend with. Darkness with scary people waiting in it. I remember thinking about half way through the thing, that it was being harder on my nerves than I’d expected.

Scenes were fairly elaborate and there was some interestingly varied situations (creative use of bungie cord, for one). All in all I liked the house a bit more than Dead Acres as the decaying building added tons to the atmosphere & it was just genuinely creepy. I’m old school, what can I say.

I’ll probably hit one more before the season is out – if my heart holds out. Stay tuned.

Horror Movies That Made It to Five (Sequels, That Is)

Maxim.com – Found a somewhat funny slide show on Maxim.com recounting Horror movie franchises that made it to at least 5 films in the series (in honor of Saw V coming out, no doubt).

Some of these should never have made it past. . . oh, ONE (I’m looking right at you, creators of ‘Chucky’). And for that matter – I wasn’t even aware that they’d made five movies in the ‘Children of the Corn’ series. Wow, that’s a whole lot of corn field footage!

So, check it out at the link while I go hit a few Haunted Houses this weekend.   I’ll fill you in later.

Play Against Trivium Band Members On Call of Duty 4 Tomorrow Only!

Sorry for the late notice on this one folks, but I just heard from my peeps that you can play against the BAND MEMBERS of Trivium on your Xbox tomorrow 10/23 on the game Call of Duty 4! Here’s the press release;

Play Call of Duty 4 against Trivium

Trivium have been threatening to make that final leap from established contenders to full-on metal heroes for the last few years, and with Shogun, their fourth and manifestly best album to date, they have clearly mastered the metal arts and are ready to step into the arena with the genre’s greats.

“We wrote this album exactly the way we all wanted to,” says frontman Matt Heafy. “We really did our own thing this time. When people check it out, they’ll realize that we’re not an exclusive band. We’re not doing this for one specific kind of person. If you want to come to a show and rock out, that’s what we’re here for. We’re just four normal guys who just happen to be able to play metal for lots of cool people around the world.”

Here’s your chance to take on this heavy metal quartet in Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfareâ„¢. Modern Warfare delivers an unprecedented level of visual and cinematic effects and an exciting multiplayer experience with player rankings, upgradeable weapons, and squad-based gameplay.

If you’re an Xbox LIVE® Gold member, and you want a chance to play with members of Trivium, send a friend request to the gamertag kirisutegomen4 and be online from 3:00 – 5:00 P.M. Eastern time (12 – 2 PT) on Thursday, October 23).

If you get a chance to play with Trivium, Xbox wants to hear about it! Send an email to xlmail@microsoft.com with the subject: “GWF – Trivium”. Be sure to include your gamertag and home town!

Xbox Live Game With Fame with Trivium
Date: October 23rd

Time: 3PM – 5PM (EST)

Game: Call of Duty 4

Gamertags: kirisutegomen4

Linking URL: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/community/calendar/gamewithfame/2008/1023_trivium.htm

Location: Florida

So ok, do it up folks! I think Matt & the boys are Metal Gods on the rise, so KICK THEIR ASSES on Call of Duty 4 and show them how we do things on the Rim. Good luck!

KISS Election T-Shirts

In case there was any doubt as to how much of a merchandising behemoth KISS has become, I give you. . . the official KISS Election T-shirts.  Yeah, yeah – I know they’ve probably been available for a while.  What can I say, I don’t hang out on the KISS merch page all that often.

Still, these might be worth ordering from a pure collectability standpoint.  First off, with such a historic election (first African American candidate, first Republican female VP candidate etc. etc.), ANY memorabilia is likely to become more valuable down the road.  But make it KISS memorabilia – fugitaboutit.

Kinda surprised that both the candidates are shown in Paul Stanley’s Starchild makeup however.  Depending on who you talk to, I think there’s a convincing arguement for either candidate to instead be in Gene Simmon’s Demon get-up.  Or maybe the Spaceman.

Click the pic to check’em out, as well as a cubic buttload of other KISS schwag.

My ‘True Hollywood Story’ – Thanks to Time Warner

Ever want to be the star of your own sordid Hollywood biography?  Now you can, thanks to a new site put up by those zany folks at Time Warner.  You can upload a pic (or use one of theirs), choose your starting location & just how great the ups & downs of your career were.  Best yet – you can type or record by phone comments about yourself that are integrated into the video, as if they were made by your worst enemy.  Pretty funny!

So go try it out at http://www.myfamestar.com.  Mine is below, after the ads . . .

Time Warner CableCreate your ownOddcast Powered

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Auctioning Off Bullet Belt on Ebay

Blabbermouth.net – So it would seem that the Megadeth Ebay store is auctioning off Dave Mustaine’s infamous bullet belt worn on tour & photo shoots (‘Rust in Peace’ era, I believe – maybe earlier). Check out the article for pics and a link to the auction if you wanna bid.  As of this writing, the price is at $810 and there’s still 5 more days to go.

I find it interesting that the belt is adjustable, that it had to be let in as the tour went on.  Heroin, the ultimate diet supplement.  I wonder if Mr. Mustaine is just cleaning house, needs the moolah or perhaps doesn’t want the associated memories with the belt & that time of his life anymore?  Who can tell, really?

If I had that kind of cash lying around, and perhaps a bar to display it in, I probably would bid on the thing.   I remember when I first saw it and thought “badass”.  I think he had a guitar strap like it as well, but perhaps I’m confusing two different eras of the band’s history.  Now, when I see these photos of him wearing it, it seems to me like most stuff from the 80’s does these days;  a bit cheesier than I remember.  Maybe it’s the Aquanet hair, but this doesn’t look like a band capable of decimating an audience with ‘Hangar 18’, ‘Holy War’ or my personal fav ‘Wake Up Dead’ (earlier album, I know, I know).

Well, anyhow – it will be interesting to see what it finally goes for.  Somewhere out there someone is getting a second mortgage on a double-wide. . .

Motorhead Motorcycle Helmets

Considering Motorhead’s fanbase, the fact that they’ve just released three versions of customized motorcycle helmets really shouldn’t surprise anyone.  My fav is the Harley half-shell, pictured to the right.  Nice price tag of about $160 bucks on that one too – but each IS a collector’s item being numbered and nicely packaged, so I suppose it makes a little more sense.   There are also Full Face & Off road versions, for those who’d prefer.  Kinda wonder how many will actually get used, as opposed to sitting on a shelf somewhere gathering dust.  Eh, it’s marketing.

Anyhow, if you’d truly rather not be ‘Killed By Death’ just yet, head on over to the article on Blabbermouth.net
and check’em out.  Who knows, you could be the first on your block to sport an Ace of Spades.

Word to the wise – I wouldn’t dream of wearing one of these on a crotch rocket, unless you enjoy getting beatdown at random stoplights by hairy guys with tons of tattoos.  Just a thought to consider.