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Sleep is Overrated

Ok, short post tonight ’cause I’m working on roughly 4 non-sequential hours of sleep. Why, you may ask? I have sleep apnea and sleep each night with my face strapped to a breathing mask resembling that of a fighter pilot (just call me Goose), which is in turn hooked into the portable equivalent of life […]

Mick Mars – Then & Now

I was thinking about Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars today, specifically his long & undoubtedly painful battle with the arthritis Ankylosing Spondylitis. I guess Thanksgiving had me counting my blessings more than usual. Seriously tho, the usually reserved fretburner lives daily with a situation that would send many of us into a surging downward spiral […]

Bio Beer

Of all places to find news about scientific research being conducted for a better future, I’m pretty sure ranks among one of the more unlikely. All the same, I found out about cancer resistant beer from one of their articles, which in turn led me to a more in depth report on Science Daily.  […]

Black Metal Ghost Writer

Let’s Talk about Lily Strange, shall we? She’s currently promoting her book “Lost Beneath The Surface”, a self published horror novel that has a somewhat ‘strange’ marketing angle unto itself; her co-author, a ‘ghost writer’ if you will, she claims is truly dead. Furthermore, by dead, I actually mean Dead. . . as in the […]

Movie Review: Twilight [2008]

Per my previous post, saw the much hyped (& apparently very well attended) debut weekend for the film version of Stephenie Meyer’s ‘Twilight’. Yeah, it’s a vampire film. Yeah, it’s aimed heavily for women – YOUNG women. That being said, I still liked it; the action was sparse but when it came, it kicked in […]

The End of Another Regular Season

Saturday I participated in an annual tradition here in Columbus; the televised clash with that team from up North.  It all started with some ‘Kegs & Eggs’ at my nearby Rooster’s (where upon I stuck to diet soda since it was so early in the morning) and then led to the wife & I tailgating […]

Dr. Pepper WILL Honor Its Guns N’ Roses Promise – With the tentative drop date of Sunday, November 23, 2008 for the release (FINALLY) of Guns N’ Roses “Chinese Democracy” cd, Dr. Pepper VP of Marketing Tony Jacobs is saying the company will honor it’s promise to give a free Dr. Pepper to every person in America (except Slash & Buckethead). Click the […]

Wanna Play Against Tenacious D on Rock Band 2?

A while back you may recall an opportunity arose to play Trivium on the Xbox Live. Well, guess what? Now you have a shot to beat Jack Black or Kyle Gass on Rock Band 2!  So fire up that Rocket Sauce & go kick some ass, children!! Here’s the press release, fresh out of the […]

Tom Araya on New Metallica Album & Obama – Hate to just link to another site, but this interview with Slayer’s Tom Araya on is just too good to pass up – and paraphrasing will lessen the impact. Just go check it. Hint: He has some unexpected (and fairly straight from the hip) comments about both title subjects. Meanwhile I’m gonna […]

PARMM – Parents Against Reprehensible Metal Music. Funniest. Site. EVAR.

Let’s go back in time, shall we? Not to a truly interesting period, such as the foundation of the Roman Empire, the courts of ancient Egypt or the active production years of ‘Kolchak – the Night Stalker’ but let’s go back to say. . . April 2008. At that time, there was an ad campaign […]

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