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Facebook Exposed to Wrath of the Breast-Feeders

Reuters – So Facebook’s anti-nudity restrictions have come under fire by mobs of angry breast feeding mommas as the popular social network started removing photos that were considered ‘obscene’ from user profiles.  By obscene, I think we mean ‘showing nipple’.  Each user was additionally threatened with account termination if the photos were re-uploaded. Protesters argue […]

IMVU, or How I Wasted My Holiday Part II

I don’t really like ‘chat’ proggies.  I’m basically an anti-social bastard at times & am annoyed by people pulling me into  IM sessions or trying to talk me up when I’m online gaming.  Hey, if I’m gaming then I’m in KILL mode – approach me at your own risk.  ;> That being said, I DO […]

Movie Review: Valkyrie

Just got back from the new historical drama ‘Valkyrie’ – which detailed the infamous ‘Operation Walkure’ wherein some of Hitler’s own generals attempted a military coo & assassination on his life. No matter what your personal opinion of Tom Cruise, go see this movie.  Take your teenage kids if you have them (like I did) […]

MANswers, or How I Wasted My Holiday Part 1

Nothing says Christmas like bad TV.  Really bad TV.  I’ve lost at least 2 evenings this week to watching the marathon of ‘MANswers’ episodes being run on SPIKE TV. For those unfamiliar with the show, it is a humorous series of baudy questions addressed with tongue-in-cheek reenactments, gratutious cleavage shots & a smattering of factual […]

Merry Christmas to All

Not going to be posting much in the next day or so due to the holiday.  Hope everyone has a great time with family & friends. Don’t get any coal this Christmas – leave Santa a beer.

Fun With Computing

I haven’t  been posting much due to the fact the my computer was deciding to arbitrarily crash on me.  Kinda hard to get anything done when that happens. After a little research, I had narrowed it down to either power supply, CPU fan or video card.  Was really hoping it wasn’t the video card;  it’s […]

Hells Fire Sinners – Ravari Room, Columbus Ohio 12/19/08

At Comfest this year, while waiting in the beer line (WHERE ELSE WOULD I BE!?), I met a dude named aptly – Alan Dude.  He told me about his band which mixed Bluegrass, Country & Punk (!!) called the Hells Fire Sinners.   Well, since that time I’ve always meant to catch the boys in concert.  […]

The Necronomicon [31st Anniversary Edition]

On December 1st of this year, Ibis Press re-released the infamous ‘Simon’ edition of the Necronomicon – a ’31st Anniversary Edition’.  Strange-ass book collector that I am, of course you know I just had to pick one up as all the other hardcover editions have sold out very quickly & demand quite a premium on […]

The Scenesters

Found a clever site today –  The proprietor/artist Rob Dobi does pretty nifty profiles of about 20 ‘scenesters’ ranging from Emo to my personal fav, the Black Metal Knight [Left].  Each profile has an awesome illustration (complete with a breakdown of the important apparel pieces) as well as fairly spot-on depiction of what defines […]

Rob Zombie to Direct Halloween 2!

Per Zombie’s official Myspace page about an hour ago, he WILL direct the sequel – tentatively titled H2. Check out the poster below;

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