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A Field Guide to Metal Concert Topography Part I

Been meaning to do this for quite some time now. As a veteran concert-goer, I have developed my own vernacular for the layout of a standard concert venue and the way an audience typically congregates – if there really is such a thing as standard or typical in either of these instances. I’m bypassing the […]

Napalm Death’s Barney Greenway: “I Like Soft Rock” -Actually a link to another link, but I thought it was an interesting interview with Napalm Death’s Barney Greenway where he reveals, among other things, a love of Soft Rock.  Aw, cut him a break – he admits to loving ALL music (something that I claim as well). So as he might say – […]

Pic of the Week – EnemyNside

Rob Halford Trademarks “Metal God” Name

Got this one off KNAC but apparently Rob Halford (if you don’t know who that is, please exit this site by typing the words ‘’ into your browser & then hitting ENTER) has recently trademarked the name ‘Metal God’.  Click the link to read all about it. My question is. . . really?  Only NOW!?  […]

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Soundtrack Online

Got a news release a few days ago about the upcoming movie ‘Underworld: Rise of the Lycans’ & it’s Electronic/Industrial soundtrack.   Not only does the movie look excellent from the trailer (it comes out TOMORROW!) but the soundtrack sounds pretty awesome as well, what with tracks by Wes Borland, Maynard James Keenan & Puscifer, Deftones, […]

Pic of the Week – Inauguration Photo from Satellite

Without regard to anyone’s particular political leanings, this photo from CNN is pretty impressive. That’s a cubic buttload of people in one place. And I guarantee not nearly enough Port-o-Potties! Check it out at CNN

Wings, Rings & Beer Tubes

Friday night the wife, one of the twins (Hayley) and myself decided to try out a restaurant/bar we hadn’t been to in a long time – Buffalo Wings & Rings.  Not to be confused with BW3’s (sorry, that’s Buffalo Wild Wings these days), BW&R have a similar menu and sports bar vibe but in my […]

New Look

A few posts back I mentioned that my existing theme was having problems adjusting to WordPress 2.7.  Actually, it had always had problems being viewed correctly on monitors with lower resolution settings,  so in the back of my mind it’s been a nagging goal to revamp. So here it is – at least for now.  […]

Pioneer FINALLY Killing Production of All Laserdisc Players

Engadget – File this under the heading of “They still made those!?”, Pioneer Electronics announced today that it is killing production of all remaining models of Laserdisc players.  No word yet on thriving 8 track & Reel-to-Reel business. Ok, I made that last part up but seriously. . . WHO hasn’t heard about this new […]

Where ya’ been, Rev?

Might not see me on here quite as much for a while as work has gotten busier.  Fear not, I check this site a few times/day minimum & won’t go too long without an update.  Even if only a shorter one (ok, who just cheered out there !?) Also, I’m aware some of the links […]

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