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Music Review: Bigelf – Cheating the Gallows [Custard]

A while back I reviewed the Bigelf show here in Columbus, and as you may recall I really got into these guys.  Well I have in my hot little hands their latest disc entitled ‘Cheating the Gallows’ & I really recommend it. Bigelf is a difficult band to describe.  Their sound varies from song to […]

Game With Fame: Disciple!

This week’s Game With Fame is near & dear to my heart.  Noneother than Christian/Southern metal gods Disciple – whom I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in concert twice & even met in person.  GREAT band, not gonna lie.  Hard rocking, nice as . . .uhm, heck, and a powerful concert experience that I recommend […]

Salmonella Outbreak Count Reaches 666 – The U.S. tally of salmonella victims has hit 666. Should we have a deadpool on how long before some religious wackjob takes this as a sign of an upcoming apocalypse? Other than that is, who already made the connection (as well as introduced me to the Reuter’s article in the first place). […]

Cooking With Dimmu Borgir – Today class, we have an amazing little Black Metal curiosity.    Yes indeedy, a big steaming helping of WTF;  a cooking show with SILENOZ of Dimmu Borgir.  And yeah, it’s the second post in a row featuring material found on the site – so bite me!  (no, they ain’t payin’ me either, […]

11 Free MP3’s From Epitaph – Taste of Chaos

Want some new mp3’s – LEGAL ones? Well, is giving away 11 high quality mp3’s (256kb/full stereo) from Epitaph records to help promote the Taste of Chaos artists. Hey, free is ALWAYS in my price range – probably yours too! Now you do have to sign up for an account on Shockhound (also free) […]

What Just Happened?

I did another site upgrade. Those of you who’ve been around here a few times might have caught me experimenting with different themes etc. as my old theme more or less combusts at smaller screen resolutions. Today I upgraded to ‘Fractal’ by Milo317. You may recall I used her theme ‘Hal’ before but since she’s […]

RIP Bud TV – Sadly, Bud TV is now offline. For the uninitiated, it was an online TV-type initiative created by Anheuser-Busch that featured original web programming, short videos etc. Never been there? Me neither. . . guess that’s why it got pulled. Still, the potential they had with that idea. Shame it wasn’t more successful.

Skeletonwitch to Debut New Video This Friday – Southern Ohio’s lost boys Skeletonwitch will be debuting their new video to the song ‘Sacrifice for the Slaughtergod’ this Friday on Myspace Metal.  I’ve only had the pleasure of seeing ‘the witch’ once & it made quite an impression.    Very talented  outfit that plays a tight mixture of Thrash, Death and Black metal.  […]

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Play . . . Meshuggah

How to decimate a crowd in 1 easy step.  Exhibit A. . . (I’ve witnessed this myself twice so take notes). . .

Bigelf – The Ravari Room, Columbus Ohio 2/13/09

I have a new band to obsess on now and it’s name is Bigelf.  A strange name, ’tis true but a worthy group of four out of L.A. who can belt out some phenomenal classic rock a la early Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, a dash of Golden Earring, King Crimson, Queen and even a smattering […]

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