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Game With Fame: Lamb of God!

You read that correctly;  LAMB OF GOD will be the featured guests on the next Game With Fame session.  Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a little ‘Walk With Me in Hell’, eh?  And hey, it’s on a Saturday this time, so no excuses not to get up, shake off that hangover & then go up […]

Humanity Will Never Reach It’s Potential. . . Due to Facebook

Yep, I’m pretty sure we are doomed as a human race, and it’s all Facebook’s fault.  I mean, man – what DID i do before spending an hour or more a day saving the rain forest, passing along virtual drinks to friends, sharpening up my Texas Hold-em skills and maintaining my Mafia?  I don’t know […]

Clones Will Save the Music Business

There’s my usual rants. . . and then there’s this one.  Strap yourselves in children. I had a dream last night.  Not a momentous dream, like Dr. King.  More like a Hunter S. Thompson production, although I went to bed early & sober.  I don’t recommend either, btw. My dream was a realization.  A realization […]

Chimaira Launch Website to Spread ‘The Infection’

SMN News – One of two awesome bands from Cleveland (the other being Mushroomhead), Chimaira have put up a new website at to promote their upcoming release called. . . wait for it. . . wait for it. . . The Infection. Cool name,  I  think.   Even if it does remind me of an […]

Street Signs Hacked to Warn of Zombies

Information Week – A somewhat humorous series of ‘hacks’ have been happening to electronic road signs in Texas & Illinois where unwary motorists are being warned of zombie attacks and raptors.   Kids these days! The linked article goes on to discuss the more serious repercussions of these pranks.   I, on the other hand, just […]


Eddie Van Halen:”I Can’t Read Music” – Ok, so lot’s of musicians can’t read music, big deal right?  Sure, sure – but how many of them single-handedly changed the sound of Rock music, hmmm? Yeah, I know – probably many  influential ones were self taught so it’s really not that surprising.  You can find examples of guitarists who took tons […]

Spinal Tap Recording New Material. Forbidden is Too. – All that is old is new again.  Spinal Tap is recording new material for the first time since, as the Beatles put it . . . “Twenty Years Ago today”.  Or something like that. Anyhow, the ‘Tap are reportedly recording “Warmer Than Hell” which has only been performed once, at the Live Earth […]

Game With Fame: As I Lay Dying

There’s another Game With Fame coming up, this time with your chance to take on As I Lay Dying, Protest the Hero, The Human Abstract or Mychildren Mybride in Halo 3. The official press release is below. Go forth & frag, my children. . . As I Lay Dying, Protest The Hero, The Human Abstract, […]

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