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Ill Nino – Alibi of Tyrants

I know, I know – I JUST DID a video feature two days ago. WTF, saw this vid on and had to share. Ill Nino is in my opinion one of the most under-rated metal acts out there, with a unique & powerful sound all their own. Enjoy this one, and see if it […]

OH MY GOD – Swine Flu!

Sorry, just didn’t want to miss out on the media frenzy. BTW, according to this article on, the score is Swine Flu – 150 deaths, regular ole’ boring Elmer Fudd version of the flu – 13,000 deaths this year. Yep, definitely time to panic people. Oh, and thanks to – for the link.

Video: Brian “Head” Welch – Flush

Ex-Korn guitarist and now Christian soloist Brian “Head” Welch has announced a few tour dates with more to come that you can check out HERE.   Or you can check out his video to the song “Flush” below.

New Scientific Study on Beer-Goggling – Because apparently there’s no other health related news today (cough, cough swine flu cough), has an unusual article about Beer Goggling i.e. the act of perceiving someone as more attractive upon reaching your own level of inebriation. There was a time when I could have written a doctoral thesis on this particular […]

Zombie Garden Sculpture

Got this link from Neil Gaiman on Twitter & thought it was worth passing along – you know how much I love zombies! It’s a sculpture for your garden, which reminds me of something I’ve thought about doing on Halloween for several years. Always thought it would be cool to have a bunch of reanimated […]

Thought for the day.

No Fear Energy Music Tour – LC Pavilion, Columbus OH 4/21/09

5 great bands, 1 really long ass show at the LC last night. The twins and I decided to check it out (you may recall me mentioning I was going about a week ago), so here’s how we saw it; Municipal Waste – Crossover thrashers out of Richmond, VA who make no bones about their […]

Opening Day at Huntington Park

Nope, that’s not the new park – it’s my buddy Dale and I hanging out with the Miller girls at the Garage bar BEFORE we went to opening day for the Clippers at their brand spankin’ new park. Yeah, I suppose considering this post’s title, it would be nice if I put a picture of […]

Careful With That URL, Eugene

My Buddy Steve sent me this via email & I thought it was not only funny, but good honest educational material too. Bottom line – if you’re setting up a website, be VERY careful how the URL spells out. Remember, URL’s are case insensitive before the first slash after .com (or whatever top level domain […]

Steel Panther – Death To All But Metal

Sin’s Metal News – I dedicate this one to my oldest daughter Jill, who often refers to a “radio friendly” band as . . . butt rock. Gentlemen, I give you the band formerly known as Metal Skool – Steel Panther. Light one up, you’ll like it better. Enjoy. And look for Sarah Silverman . […]

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