New Scientific Study on Beer-Goggling – Because apparently there’s no other health related news today (cough, cough swine flu cough), has an unusual article about Beer Goggling i.e. the act of perceiving someone as more attractive upon reaching your own level of inebriation. There was a time when I could have written a doctoral thesis on this particular subject but I digress. Besides, my kid’s read this blog on occasion. . .

The research was done over in England by two research psychologists with an apparent gift for getting funding on dubious projects and contrary to the title, actually didn’t study the Beer Goggle effect so much as they studied whether alcohol made you less likely to give a damn if a hot chick was underage. Uhm, ok – like I said, these guys had a GIFT for fund raising, mmmk?

Hit the link above and read the whole sordid thing for yourself. Anything else I say here would only be considered evidence.

Zombie Garden Sculpture


Got this link from Neil Gaiman on Twitter & thought it was worth passing along – you know how much I love zombies! It’s a sculpture for your garden, which reminds me of something I’ve thought about doing on Halloween for several years. Always thought it would be cool to have a bunch of reanimated dead climbing up from our flower beds.  Even better, I could hide among the fake corpses and jump out at trick-or-treaters!  Muhahaha!!

Anyhow, if you’ve got $89.98 laying around you can pick one of these guys up HERE

No Fear Energy Music Tour – LC Pavilion, Columbus OH 4/21/09

5 great bands, 1 really long ass show at the LC last night. The twins and I decided to check it out (you may recall me mentioning I was going about a week ago), so here’s how we saw it;

Municipal Waste – Crossover thrashers out of Richmond, VA who make no bones about their love of partying. Nothing wrong with that, imho. Sound seemed thin compared to the other bands, but that was possibly due to MW having a single guitarist. Good, rowdy metal with a heavy punk influence. Songs included ‘Terror Shark’, ‘The Thrashing of the Christ’ & ‘Headbanger Face Rip’.

Next we had the bulldozer stylings of God Forbid, who probably were the most pummeling ensemble to take the stage that night except possibly headliners Lamb of God. Really heavy and high energy metalcore – these guys never fail to blow me away. Not super well versed in their stuff, I believe their setlist was ‘Anti-hero’, ‘War of Attrition’, ‘Shallow’, ‘Force Fed’ and ‘The End of the World’, but I’m taking this info from my buddy Kevin. If it’s wrong, blame him. 🙂

Third up, we saw Finland’s Children of Bodom, fronted by Guitar World magazine’s “Best Metal Guitarist” Alexi Laiho.  This was a strange departure for the show as CoB’s technically precise euro-metal contrasted starkly with predecessor God Forbid – but it was all good in the end.  As with Municipal Waste before them, CoB’s sound was thin (and they’re a 5 piece) so not sure what was happening there.   Really like the songs ‘Blood Drunk’ & ‘Bodom Beach Terror’ but honestly felt a lot of their songs seemed too similar.  Worth watching for the guitar solos, however.

My twins came to see As I Lay Dying but I gotta confess the band made a believer out of me as well. Considered by the press as a metalcore act, they manage to mix musicality with brutality in a palatable dose of screaming vocals, clean accompaniments and powerful instrumentation. All this despite numerous technical problems which were handled with a sense of humor rather than a hissy fit. How often do you get to see that?  I can see why these guys are Grammy nominated – they’ll be Grammy winners soon enough.  Probably the most pleasant surprise of the evening.

Last, but certainly not least, was the mighty Lamb of God. Now I gotta tell ya’, these guys didn’t even hit the stage until almost 11pm and I knew in advance they had a 16 song playlist (!!). Normally, I wouldn’t dream of leaving early but with the kids in tow, I had to bow out after only 6 songs. Yeah, I know – sucks. Still what I saw showed them to be the mature metal legends they should be at this stage in their careers; tight sound, great stage show and I especially liked it when Randy talked to the crowd about first playing Columbus at the Newport when they opened for GWAR. I always respect a band that remembers the early days.

Even leaving early, I still managed to hear my all time fav LoG song “Walk With Me in Hell”, so I wasn’t completely bummed. Almost, but not completely. Glad to see they still look and sound so great. Plus, Randy – I’m diggin’ the long hair dude!

Here’s the set list (again, from my bro Kevin);

  • Passing
  • In Your Words
  • Set to Fail
  • Walk With Me in Hell
  • Hourglass
  • Now You’ve Got Something To Die For
  • Ruin
  • Dead Seeds
  • Blacken the Cursed Sun
  • Grace
  • Broken Hands
  • Laid to Rest
  • Contractor
  • Reclamation
  • Redneck
  • Black label

This is probably one of the best concert values you’ll see in a long time – 5 established acts in one night, and decent sized set lists from each.  So if you go to the show, plan on arriving early and staying late – it’s worth it.

Opening Day at Huntington Park


Nope, that’s not the new park – it’s my buddy Dale and I hanging out with the Miller girls at the Garage bar BEFORE we went to opening day for the Clippers at their brand spankin’ new park.

Yeah, I suppose considering this post’s title, it would be nice if I put a picture of the stadium up. Aw get over it, you can see the park HERE.  Wouldn’t you rather see creepy old guys & hot girls?  Ok, just the hot girls then??  I didn’t catch their names but all four were very nice – even got some Clippers shirts from them.

My wife (who’s taking the picture) was quick to point out that I have a child older than these young ladies.  And the point!?  Seriously, they tolerated three attempts to finally get this picture -  my camera sucks, what can I say.

The game itself was fun despite the Clippers losing – they won the next night.  Meanwhile we had beer, brats, beer, ribs, beer and for dessert – BEER!  The park is beautiful and Rooster’s (chicken wings of the gods) has an entire floor on the roof.  Sweet!

My only complaint was the lines. . . oh boy, they gotta get more beer booths out there.  A 50 man wait is kind of rough, I tell ya’.  Besides that, had a great time & look forward to many more at the new park.

Careful With That URL, Eugene

My Buddy Steve sent me this via email & I thought it was not only funny, but good honest educational material too. Bottom line – if you’re setting up a website, be VERY careful how the URL spells out. Remember, URL’s are case insensitive before the first slash after .com (or whatever top level domain you wish), so they may not always read like you think they should.

With that in mind, please review the following site addresses and THEN click on them. They’re all family friendly, really. . .get your mind out of the gutter.