Well, It’s Been Fun. . .

Scared ya’, didn’t I?  Thought this was a goodbye post – go on, admit it!  That means some of you were disheartened, most didn’t care – and a few of you fuckers actually cheered.   I know who you are. . .

Anyhow nope, you’re not so lucky.  I’m sticking around provided I remember to pay my server fees.  I WILL be quite busy over the summer so the posting, as you may have already noticed, might become more sporadic than usual.

But take heart I will still be out there somewhere, shades on and a cold bottle of beer in my hand.  And as long as I’m out & about there will be stories to post  so keep checking back, mmmk?  I still haven’t gotten around to telling the story of when Susan Wallace of Switchblade Symphony threatened to kick my ass from onstage.  She’s a nice girl, I like her.

Anyhow, that’s all for now.  Peace.

Musings As I Visit My Old High School

Attended my niece’s graduation today which is always a bitter sweet ritual; not so much the sadness of watching a young one becoming publically acknowledged as an adult (the final step of that process being the sacred ‘turning 21’ baptismal affair), but the actual irony of taking what should be a genuinely poignant moment in a new graduate’s life and having it get twisted into a Hallmark card full of cliche`s and half-hearted backslapping.

My family, both extended and immediate, were fine.  Their offers of good will to my niece Emily were genuine enough, as might be expected.  But to me, it is the school administration & the teachers who turned up the schmaltz quotient as their so called final ‘words of wisdom’ were irritatingly aimed to tug at heartstrings and offer something memorable to the audience in attendance – neither of which really happened.  Actually, they only served to make me consider the deplorable state of our school systems if these were the educators into whose hands the minds of mush had been commended all these years.

The fellow parents are also a bit of a chore to endure, at least those who feel obligated to bellow their kids name, fire off a blow horn while pointing out “That’s MY little girl” as if this were the Nobel Peace prize.  My cynical nature fills me with the urge to point out their wanton disregard that most likely we’re collectively witnessing the apex of that child’s lifetime achievements before they, like their parents before them, resign themselves to a career at Denny’s and/or 3 children to be born to them within the next 6 years.

As always tho, I find myself scanning the graduates to see who among them I think is the diamond in the rough.  Who is the unpopular geek, the awkward girl that will blossom once finally freed from this stifling environment of petty judgement and jealous mistrust?  Who among them will go to college, discover a strength within themselves that they never knew existed, and burst forth in vibrant new skein, the proverbial phoenix from adolescent ashes??  Ok, that and who’s the biggest whore in the lot?  I like to try to guess that one too – although it’s usually obvious by audience reaction (if only the guys are clapping, we have a winner).

In the end, and lest I come off sounding too full of vitriol, it is still good to walk the halls I once trod.  That was a time of big dreams and endless hope; sometimes it’s good to remember what drove you when you were younger & allow it to refuel a time-worn, jaded heart.  Perhaps I’m more realistic now, and perhaps that’s as much part of the problem as anything.  After all, it’s the giddy youngsters full of piss that often accomplish what the learned scholars could not, for they’ve not the experience telling them not to try.

Or that’s how it goes in this version of the story I’m telling, anyways.

In the meantime, congratulations Emily – we’re all very proud of you.

Lovecraft Would’ve Loved This. . .

MSNBC.com – like something out of “Colour Out of Space” or any of a myriad of Lovecraft stories, John West & his colleagues at Arizona State University have discovered traces of a lithospheric drip, ok it’s a blob. . . we can call it a blob can’t we, roughly 47 miles below the earth’s surface.   It”s a ‘honey drip’ type occurence that happens when heated heavier matter is submerged amidst lighter heated material.  Uhm, we’d call that ‘sinking sludge’ or something up here on the surface but I digress.

Follow the link to check it out – it’s not carnivorous or anything like I hoped when I originally followed the link, but still kinda kewl.  In a geeky, you’ll-never-get-laid kinda way.

$70 Zombie Film Causes Stir at Cannes

CNN.com – Saw this article on CNN & thought it worth sharing. Director Marc Price has had unexpected attention over his new film ‘Colin’, which was reportedly shot on a budget of about $70 (!!). Yeah, that’s 7 with one zero behind it.

Interesting tale but truth be told, not just anyone could accomplish this feat as Mr. Price appears to be fairly well connected with industry insiders (they used leftover makeup from ‘X-men III’, for example). So although it’s a stirring testimony to what can be accomplished with pith and resourcefulness, it’s also a bit misleading. Most of us don’t know anyone in Hollywood nor have access to big budget leftovers.

Still, anyone with that level of drive & resourcefulness SHOULD be making movies, so I’m glad to see him getting some much deserved attention. Now I just hope his movie doesn’t suck!

Marilyn Manson’s New CD ‘The High End of Low’ Available Online

I see on SIN’s Metal News that you can stream the new Marilyn Manson album ‘The High End of Low’ by visiting this site. Be forewarned, it’s a pretty sketchy player tho. Lags badly, jumps around easily and only appears to play a portion of each song – which figures, they can’t just give it away. Only Trent Reznor does that. 🙂

Still, it gives you an idea of what that Reverend has been up to in the studio. Based on the track listing, he’s definitely not avoiding controversy with songs like ‘Pretty as a Swastika’, ‘I Want To Kill You Like They Do In The Movies’ and the first single ‘Arma-Goddamn-Mutherfuckin’-Geddon’ (which ought to make station programmers everywhere nervous just adding to their playlists).

Ok, returning to previously scheduled holiday weekend shenanigans. As you were. . .

Zombie Pin-ups

Sometimes, there really ain’t much going on that I want to talk about. It doesn’t happen often, but on rare occasion, it does happen. Today was one of those days.

So when the Blog Muse is being shy [translation – I’m out of beer], I like to play a little game designed to get the creative juices flowing. I take a few random words and toss them at Google, with a promise to myself of clicking on a least one of the first 3 results that come up. I read once that Bill Gates forces himself to read a news magazine cover to cover at least once a week, so he will always learn new things. I liken this exercise to a bizarre variation on Gates’ idea (although as you can probably guess, and unlike Master Gates, I have yet to reap any financial windfall from this pattern. Apparently I’m not really learning anything of importance when I do my version, but I digress).

Today I threw out the words ‘zombie’, always a crowd pleaser around the ole’ Rim of Hell, and the word ‘sexy’. Yeah, I went there. I expected to find a review of ‘Zombie Strippers’ from some shady blog somewhere in the top position, but I was wrong. Really wrong.

Gentlemen, I give you http://www.zombiepinups.com/. Check it out -it’s a well designed site full of downloads, art and yeah, zombie pinups.  Definitely a place that is Reverend approved!

As an aside, I’m seeing that this zombie pinup thingy is a bit of a subgenre all it’s own, as many of the lower Google results were in the same vein.  Can’t help but wonder what George Romero thinks of all this? (probably how much money he’d be making if “Night of the Living Dead” wasn’t public domain)

Feast of Flesh For Free!

Blabbermouth.net – Say that post title 3 times real fast! Anyways, Bone Gnawer is offering it’s debut CD ‘Feast of Flesh’ available for streaming free. And there’s widgety goodness too – but edit the code on that bitch before you place it anywhere as it originally opens at 1000×650 (friggin’ HUGE)!

If you like Napalm Death or Benediction, then this might be your cup of tea. ‘Cannibal Cook-out’ is especially crushing, I might add. Check’em out below.

Free websiteWix.com

Flight 666 Game Now Online

Blabbermouth.net – Great news, Maiden Fans!  ‘Flight 666’, the newly released documentary about one of your (and mine) favorite metal bands Iron Maiden has also had it’s debut accompanied by the unveiling of a new online game.  Follow the link to read all about it and to play for yourself.

[And this may very well be a record for the shortest post.  Unless I keep typing.  Then it gets longer.  Nevermind, going to bed.]

Ready For Roman Metal?

SIN’s Metal News – Reminding me of the ill-fated attempt in the 60’s by Paul Revere & The Raiders to make the tri-cornered hat a popular hippie fashion accessory (and we all know how well that worked), we now have Roman Metal.   Ok, no one is calling it that YET but that’s the theme.

Yes children, I’m talking about Ex Deo – a band comprised mostly of Kataklysm members plus some from Martyr and Blackguard,who have a new CD coming out June 30th in the US from Nuclear Blast Records.  And yeah, they’re Roman themed – not sure if that means they’ll show up on stage looking like extras from ‘Gladiator’, stay tuned for more on that aspect of their schtick.

Musically, I like what I’ve heard but then again I am a sucker for the symphonic metal sound which Ex Deo seems to do admirably enough.  As an added plus, they have guest appearances on the new disc from the likes of Nergal (Behemoth), Obsidian C (Keep of Kalessin) and Karl Sanders (Nile).  Not surprising to see any of those names really considering Nergal is a highly educated historian, Obsidian C’s own band have themselves dabbled in the Roman culture imagery & Karl Sanders’s main project Nile know more about their own Egyptian themed subject matter than do most scholars.

But back to my Paul Revere reference above, do you think armor and shields will become common attire amongst the metal community if this takes off?  Wow, and I thought the pre-concert patdowns took forever NOW?  Anyhow, check out the first vid below.  It’s very ‘300’-ish. . .

EX DEO – Romulus

Alice Cooper Performs at ASU Commencement

KNAC.com – Follow the link to see KNAC’s article (& some fan footage) of Alice Cooper performing with his son Dash (soon to be a 2010 graduate of ASU himself) & his band Runaway Phoenix. Hey, it’s fan footage so don’t expect Dolby 7.1, mmmk?

I was impressed by how well Alice’s vocals have held up – you go Mr. Niceguy! Would still love to see AC headline a festival type tour a la Ozzfest, perhaps with nothing but creepy goth themed bands supporting him like Wednesday 13, Deathstars or maybe even The Misfits.

Hey, a guy can dream can’t he?