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Well, It’s Been Fun. . .

Scared ya’, didn’t I?  Thought this was a goodbye post – go on, admit it!  That means some of you were disheartened, most didn’t care – and a few of you fuckers actually cheered.   I know who you are. . . Anyhow nope, you’re not so lucky.  I’m sticking around provided I remember to pay […]

Musings As I Visit My Old High School

Attended my niece’s graduation today which is always a bitter sweet ritual; not so much the sadness of watching a young one becoming publically acknowledged as an adult (the final step of that process being the sacred ‘turning 21’ baptismal affair), but the actual irony of taking what should be a genuinely poignant moment in […]

Lovecraft Would’ve Loved This. . . – like something out of “Colour Out of Space” or any of a myriad of Lovecraft stories, John West & his colleagues at Arizona State University have discovered traces of a lithospheric drip, ok it’s a blob. . . we can call it a blob can’t we, roughly 47 miles below the earth’s surface. […]

$70 Zombie Film Causes Stir at Cannes – Saw this article on CNN & thought it worth sharing. Director Marc Price has had unexpected attention over his new film ‘Colin’, which was reportedly shot on a budget of about $70 (!!). Yeah, that’s 7 with one zero behind it. Interesting tale but truth be told, not just anyone could accomplish this […]

Marilyn Manson’s New CD ‘The High End of Low’ Available Online

I see on SIN’s Metal News that you can stream the new Marilyn Manson album ‘The High End of Low’ by visiting this site. Be forewarned, it’s a pretty sketchy player tho. Lags badly, jumps around easily and only appears to play a portion of each song – which figures, they can’t just give it […]

Zombie Pin-ups

Sometimes, there really ain’t much going on that I want to talk about. It doesn’t happen often, but on rare occasion, it does happen. Today was one of those days. So when the Blog Muse is being shy [translation – I’m out of beer], I like to play a little game designed to get the […]

Feast of Flesh For Free! – Say that post title 3 times real fast! Anyways, Bone Gnawer is offering it’s debut CD ‘Feast of Flesh’ available for streaming free. And there’s widgety goodness too – but edit the code on that bitch before you place it anywhere as it originally opens at 1000×650 (friggin’ HUGE)! If you like Napalm […]

Flight 666 Game Now Online – Great news, Maiden Fans!  ‘Flight 666’, the newly released documentary about one of your (and mine) favorite metal bands Iron Maiden has also had it’s debut accompanied by the unveiling of a new online game.  Follow the link to read all about it and to play for yourself. [And this may very well […]

Ready For Roman Metal?

SIN’s Metal News – Reminding me of the ill-fated attempt in the 60’s by Paul Revere & The Raiders to make the tri-cornered hat a popular hippie fashion accessory (and we all know how well that worked), we now have Roman Metal.   Ok, no one is calling it that YET but that’s the theme. […]

Alice Cooper Performs at ASU Commencement – Follow the link to see KNAC’s article (& some fan footage) of Alice Cooper performing with his son Dash (soon to be a 2010 graduate of ASU himself) & his band Runaway Phoenix. Hey, it’s fan footage so don’t expect Dolby 7.1, mmmk? I was impressed by how well Alice’s vocals have held […]

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