Ready For Roman Metal?

SIN’s Metal News – Reminding me of the ill-fated attempt in the 60’s by Paul Revere & The Raiders to make the tri-cornered hat a popular hippie fashion accessory (and we all know how well that worked), we now have Roman Metal.   Ok, no one is calling it that YET but that’s the theme.

Yes children, I’m talking about Ex Deo – a band comprised mostly of Kataklysm members plus some from Martyr and Blackguard,who have a new CD coming out June 30th in the US from Nuclear Blast Records.  And yeah, they’re Roman themed – not sure if that means they’ll show up on stage looking like extras from ‘Gladiator’, stay tuned for more on that aspect of their schtick.

Musically, I like what I’ve heard but then again I am a sucker for the symphonic metal sound which Ex Deo seems to do admirably enough.  As an added plus, they have guest appearances on the new disc from the likes of Nergal (Behemoth), Obsidian C (Keep of Kalessin) and Karl Sanders (Nile).  Not surprising to see any of those names really considering Nergal is a highly educated historian, Obsidian C’s own band have themselves dabbled in the Roman culture imagery & Karl Sanders’s main project Nile know more about their own Egyptian themed subject matter than do most scholars.

But back to my Paul Revere reference above, do you think armor and shields will become common attire amongst the metal community if this takes off?  Wow, and I thought the pre-concert patdowns took forever NOW?  Anyhow, check out the first vid below.  It’s very ‘300’-ish. . .

EX DEO – Romulus