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Burger King & The Super Seven Incher

This is probably a record for the longest I’ve gone without posting since I started this blog.  Sorry, been at Comfest for 3 days and then another Clipper’s game after that.  I’ll fill you in on my Comfest stories later . . . too tired tonight.  So for something completely different; My buddy Steve sent […]

Forbes Top Earning Musicians Revealed

Wanna be depressed? Aw, c’mon, you know you do.  So had a link to an interesting article on Forbes about the top earning musicians over the past 12 months.  No. 1 is Madonna, which surprises me since no one I know gives a damn about her anymore. No. 2 is Celine Dion – color […]

Bigelf Join Progressive Nation Tour

Just heard today from my peeps that Bigelf have been added to the second incarnation of the Progressive Nation tour with headliners Zappa Plays Zappa & the legendary Dream Theater! Of course, you realize this is partly my doing.  Yep, ’tis true.  Back in February when I saw the band, I told lead vocalist – […]

Man Found Dead At Bonnaroo – Did you hear about this, the cleaning crew for Bonnaroo found the corpse of a twenty-something male at the campgrounds?   It will be interesting to see how this unfolds – did someone leave the poor bastard (“hey guys, something is definitely wrong with Phil!”) or was he an unfortunate hanger-on who maybe overdid […]

Daisy Duke Night at Hooters is Coming

Since I’ve received some inquiries, this Friday (6/19) is Daisy Duke’s Night at Hooters (at least in my area, it is). And yes, I’ll be there – kind of a celebrity-but-not-really appearance. So buy me a beer if you show up. . . For those of you unfamiliar with theme night at one of the […]

Marilyn Manson Interview

As if Reverend Manson would be interviewed by Reverend Mortis, right?  pfffft!  No, below are 4 links to an interview with the self-proclaimed God of Fuck as found on Shockhound.  It’s good stuff, kiddies – this ain’t no MTV interview.  Here’s the press kit info and links; Chapter I – Manson talks about his identity […]

Park Street Festival 2009

This was how I spent my Saturday night, hanging out on Park Street for the annual festival. What a blast! About a two block section of the city is closed off for this affair, with a decent sized stage set up at the corner of Park & Spruce streets.  I’d estimate 10 to 20,000 folks […]

Guitar Hero: WTF – According to Philthy Phil on KNAC, Activision has confirmed that the upcoming Guitar Hero: Van Halen will not include Michael Anthony or Sammy Hagar. WHAT!?! Look, I’m not a huge fan of the Van Hagar days, but many people are and they were an incredible commercial success. To say otherwise would be asinine […]

Real Superheroes – Remember those nerds you used to make fun of in High School? The ones who grew up to be costume wearing superfreaks, I mean superfans, and hung out at conventions, usually winding down their evenings with a restraining order against them from Leonard Nimoy? Well CNN (linked above) has an interesting story about […]

Back From The Lake. . .

Just got back from spending the weekend at Indian Lake & what a trip it was. I’ll give you the abridged breakdown on account of no one really cares about other people’s vacations. Friday – Set up camp, then went out to eat at an overpriced seafood place. Found a decent bar called Froggy’s At […]

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