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Itunes And Music Companies Out To Reinvent Albums – From the “where have we heard THIS before” file comes a story off the Financial Times about iTunes & 4 of the largest record labels trying revitalize music sales by bringing back the golden age of albums.  Key word there, GOLDEN age (cha ching).   And I apologize in advance but to read […]

Grolsch Introduces Iphone App To Test Drunkiness

Ad Age – Not sure if you had more than enough to drink? Now you can test yourself (sorta. . .kinda) with a new Iphone app being marketed by Dutch brewers Grolsch. Isn’t their company name kind of it’s own sobriety test? But I digress. . . Follow the link above to learn about the […]

Older, Not Wiser

Today is my birthday.  Considering some of the crazy things I’ve done in my life, I’m happy to have made it to 44.  Most likely, that doesn’t mean I’m going to be any less crazier in the coming year.  I’m kinda slow that way.

Rock N’ Resort 2009 Part II

In my last post I talked about the headliners at this year’s Rock N’ Resort music festival up in Canal Fulton, Ohio.   Out of about 40 bands for the weekend, the VAST majority are tribute acts.  Makes sense when you think about it ’cause you can fill up a classic rock stage list with acts […]

Back From the Dead

Rock N’ Resort was a blast again this year, despite being forced to camp next to a group of what must’ve been at least 4 families, all with kids under the ages of 10 (probably 10-15 kids in all).  Yep, felt like I was running Daycare of the Damned, there were so many rugrats running […]

Miss Me While I’m Gone

Rock n’ Resort starts tomorrow (well technically some crazies are there tonight, but my peeps won’t be there until the ‘morrow).  I will be wired for this event, so we’ll see what kind of madness ensues, eh?  3am blog updates by the campfire?  perhaps. . . Still, will most likely be quiet here at the […]

“Space Internet” is Coming

Albuquerque Express – According to this linked article, NASA will have a viable “space internet” by 2011, which will allow for broadband access between planets, space stations, shuttles etc.   Sounds frivalous at first until you realize how much that kind of communication is a necessity for continued space exploration. Which begs the question – how […]

Ozzy Parts Ways with Zakk Wylde

I’m out of it for a few days and all hell breaks loose. is reporting that Ozzy is working on his new album SANS Zakk Wylde. That means, “without” for my more illiterate followers. Yep, it would seem that the Prince of Darkness thinks his songs with Zakk are all starting to sound too […]

Woodstock Lovers. . . still together

This is cool. If you don’t think so, well fuck you – it is. Said ‘Fuck You’ just cause my sis reads here sometimes and hates the profanity. 🙂 But I digress. . . Remember the Woodstock album? Y’know, the FIRST non-corporate Woodstock? Yeah, that one. Well the lovers under a blanket from the album’s […]

Watching the Tribute to Michael Jackson

Y’know, when I was about six I wanted to be a member of the Jackson 5. Go ahead laugh but racial and familial difficulties aside, think about WHY that was? When I was six or so, you couldn’t turn on a radio or a TV and not hear either the Jackson 5 or the freakin’ […]

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