Weird Things People Do To Money

MSN – If you follow this link, you’ll see that mostly the weird things people do to money is use it to make political statements. Go figure.

BUT, the ingenious person who made the KISS twenty dollar bill, well that’s classic. I wonder if the article’s author didn’t perhaps miss the point? After all, they are called KI$$ by some detractors. Perhaps making Andrew Jackson look like Gene Simmons was NOT a fan statement after all. I’m just sayin’. . .

Anyhow, I found the article amusing & wanted to share.

Newport Aquarium

NewportAquariumTunnelGroup2Last post about my Cincy trip, but had one more tale to relate.  On Saturday night, the wife and I attended the wedding of a friend who had her service and reception at the Newport Aquarium. I can honestly say that having never been to an aquarium before, I am now completely spoiled by the experience!

Newport Aquarium is an amazing place & we had it all to ourselves.  While at first it might seem like an unlikely venue for a wedding, it actually fits the bill nicely when you see it decorated & how well the layout works for such an event.  Plus I thought it was very, very cool to be able to walk the halls at your leisure, peering out from the glass enclosed tunnels to feel like you’re actually swimming with the sharks.  Not sure I would want to go back during ‘regular’ hours and fight the crowds, now that I’ve seen how calming & beautiful it can be when practically empty.

We spent time in the Frog Bog, the Gator Bajou, watched the surreal new Jellyfish exhibit (backlit, very cool!) and even got to pet a few sharks.  I’m happy to say all my fingers are still intact.  Unfortunately, the penguins were all asleep so didn’t get to watch their antics but plenty of other critters were wide awake, there was no lack of flora & fauna to check out.

All in all, a very memorable evening & a highly recommended destination if you’re ever in the area.

Brew Ha-Ha 2009

As previously mentioned, I was in the ‘Natti Friday night & went to an outdoor comedy festival at Sawyer Park called Brew Ha-Ha.  72 different types of beer to sample, 50 comedians.  I WAS IN HEAVEN!

The beer sampling was hit and miss; some were great – Abita’s Purple Haze & Bear Republic’s Red Rocket.  Some, not so much – Magic Hat’s Lucky Kat and Christian Moerlein’s Friend of an Irishman didn’t do anything for me (perhaps ’cause I don’t like to chew my beer).  But at $1 for a 3 oz. sample, I tried plenty of strange brews to consider on my next trip to a finer beer store, or Whole Foods.

Comedian-wise, there were a lot of ‘meh’ acts but a few real gems.  Jimmy Walker (JJ from “Good Times”) was pretty funny, but I honestly didn’t know who he was until after he was off the stage. My wife got his autograph without knowing who he was (AWKWARD). That’s the problem when a skinny guy gets older – no one knows who the hell he is anymore. Believe me, it happens to me all the time!

Other lesser knowns were the highlight of the festival. Such as Julie Scoggins;

And my favorite of the evening, headliner John Henton (Obie from Living Single) channeled Bill Cosby as he tore through an hour set that literally left many of us wiping away tears. I had a drink with the guy later (he was staying at the Hilton too!) and found him kind & soft spoken. I wish him well . . . and a damn HBO special. This man is FUNNY!

Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza

HiltonJust got back from an awesome weekend in Cincy. Too much to talk about in just one post, let me start by where we stayed – the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza. A luxurious place beautifully maintained for both historical & architectural relevance, this is possibly one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever visited. And to simply call it a ‘hotel’ is like saying the pyramids of Egypt are just ‘tombs’ – doesn’t do it any justice at all.

The wife and I wandered the lower halls on Saturday afternoon, taking in the sights & marveling at the craftsmanship. The Hall of Mirrors looked like something out of a Greta Garbo movie and the Apollo Gallery was visually stunning, but what really blew me away was the Palm Court area. It’s a cavernous room encompassing 3 or 4 stories from floor to ceiling, all decked out in French Art deco design with a mezzanine circling on the second level. Divided into several restaurants, I spent the last hours of both Friday & Saturday seated at the Bar at Palm Court just reveling in the atmosphere. It was like being in “The Shining”, surrounded by such history that you could almost feel the ghosts of the past around you.  No, didn’t literally see the Lady in Green who supposedly walks the halls but did find the bottles in brown instead.

The stage area [pictured] had an unusual sculpture that I can only liken (in my architecturally ignorant manner) to some sinister, almost satanic altar.  Was breathtaking to see but really kind of wild as it loomed out of the corner of your eye.

Just a totally amazing place that I will most certainly visit again.

Wild Women At Cruefest 2? Say It Ain’t So! – Last year I attended the inaugural edition of Cruefest down at Riverbend Music Center in Cincy. That exploit is fully documented HERE.   Sadly, was unable to make it this year. . . and wouldn’t ya’ know it, THIS is the year that all the fun really happened. Well, at least if the WCPO-TV story is to be taken at face value.

THREE whole women were arrested. THREE!! My God, that’s like. . .1/8th of a sorority pledge class or something. And their heinous crimes? No, not wanton lesbian acts (which would’ve been my guess). One for drinkin’ (“only had a pint of Captain Morgan”). Amateur.

One for . . . uhm, not leaving. Let’s see, the concert wasn’t over & she wouldn’t leave. THE HORROR, THE HORROR!!

The last one was arrested for her behavior (so there’s still a small chance of the wanton lesbian thingy) and decked a female employee on the way out. Ok, ok – that’s definitely assault but is it just me, or has the Crue gotten soft? They throw an all day concert and THIS is what makes headlines? I’ve watched cars get tossed, fences burned and more fights than I can even remember – and that was just ONE Ozzfest.

I don’t know who to be more disappointed in – the Cincy media for making these arrests a big deal or the Crue, for not giving the media anything BETTER to write about.

Nikki, it’s time to get back off the wagon brother.   Ok, ok – just kidding.   Stay on the wagon – I’ve read enough of your book.  How about letting  Kat start some shit for ya’ over in the beer line?  Then everybody’s happy. . .

Fired On Facebook – Y’know, if you’re dumb enough to bitch about your job on Facebook AND have added your boss as your friend, you’ve got it coming. I’ve seen a lot of people giving the boss in this situation grief – sorry, I think he was perfectly justified. Fire with fire, y’know?

Oh great, now I’ve got Metallica in my head. Go read the whole article over on Buzzfeed while I find my Ride the Lightning CD.