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Weird Things People Do To Money

MSN – If you follow this link, you’ll see that mostly the weird things people do to money is use it to make political statements. Go figure. BUT, the ingenious person who made the KISS twenty dollar bill, well that’s classic. I wonder if the article’s author didn’t perhaps miss the point? After all, they […]

Newport Aquarium

Last post about my Cincy trip, but had one more tale to relate.  On Saturday night, the wife and I attended the wedding of a friend who had her service and reception at the Newport Aquarium. I can honestly say that having never been to an aquarium before, I am now completely spoiled by the […]

Brew Ha-Ha 2009

As previously mentioned, I was in the ‘Natti Friday night & went to an outdoor comedy festival at Sawyer Park called Brew Ha-Ha.  72 different types of beer to sample, 50 comedians.  I WAS IN HEAVEN! The beer sampling was hit and miss; some were great – Abita’s Purple Haze & Bear Republic’s Red Rocket.  […]

Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza

Just got back from an awesome weekend in Cincy. Too much to talk about in just one post, let me start by where we stayed – the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza. A luxurious place beautifully maintained for both historical & architectural relevance, this is possibly one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever visited. And to […]

Off to Cincy

Headed to Cinci-NASTY (as the Crue call it) for my friend Kat’s wedding. Should be an awesome time! C’ya back here next week. . .

Wild Women At Cruefest 2? Say It Ain’t So! – Last year I attended the inaugural edition of Cruefest down at Riverbend Music Center in Cincy. That exploit is fully documented HERE.   Sadly, was unable to make it this year. . . and wouldn’t ya’ know it, THIS is the year that all the fun really happened. Well, at least if the WCPO-TV […]

Cannibal Corpse Lounge Music

I hate to have two posts about videos in a row, but what the hell. Found this on Youtube and thought it was just too funny to pass up. Cannibal Corpse, as performed by a lounge act. Enjoy!

Entirely TOO Excited About Black Sabbath

A Sabbath fan gets carried away (& possibly risks a brain hemorrhage) as he waits to meet Heaven & Hell. I love how cool the band is, even considering these two douchebags. You can tell security is just itching to throw them out. Too funny! Kids, just say ‘no’ to drugs. Thanks Jamie for sharing. […]

Pic of the Week: Irishfest – Action Photo

Here’s one you haven’t seen yet, a “caught in the act” photo of yours truly awaiting Scythian to come onstage at the Dublin Irish Festival. My oldest daughter Jill took the picture, and yes – one of those Killian’s is hers. A Killian’s for Jillian. That’s my story & I’m stickin’ to it.

Fired On Facebook – Y’know, if you’re dumb enough to bitch about your job on Facebook AND have added your boss as your friend, you’ve got it coming. I’ve seen a lot of people giving the boss in this situation grief – sorry, I think he was perfectly justified. Fire with fire, y’know? Oh great, now I’ve […]

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