Rammstein’s New Video to Debut Tomorrow

Blabbermouth.net – Berlin Industrial metal gods, and favorite of the Rim of Hell staff, Rammstein will release the first video “Pussy” from their first new CD in 4 years entitled ‘Liebe Ist Für Alle Da’. Promos of this video have been circulating for a few weeks and well, have me intrigued what the boys from Deutschland have been up to lately.  Very quasi-sexual, xeno-erotic zanyness.   And you thought ‘Zwitter’ was edgy?

Still, I’m stoked as I love me some Rammstein (not physically, which probably needs to be clarified here considering how things are shaping up with this new material).  Below is the teaser from Blabbermouth, but follow the link ’cause they have album art & a tracklist as well.

Rammstein Promo PUSSY (18.09.2009)