Another Long, Strange Trip

TulumWell, I survived Cancun.  Beautiful place actually . . .  gorgeous beaches, sexy women & an entire city that really, really likes to drink.  Hey, there are far worse places to spend a week, right?

In the span of about 4 days, my wife and I swam with dolphins, snorkeled along the barrier reef, braved the markets of the hyper-aggressive street vendors, visited Hooters & the Hard Rock Cafe (OF COURSE!), zoomed around Isla de Mujeres on a golf cart, and explored the ancient ruins of Tulum (pictured).  Not a ton of resting on the beach, but plenty of fun all the same.

If you’ve never been to Cancun, I highly recommend the journey.  Met lots of folks from all over the world (am particularly fond of my new Scottish friends as well as a group from my hometown that we hooked up with) & realized while listening to Karaoke at poolside that tone-deafness is apparently an international epidemic.

While it was sure fun, I’m still glad to be back in the USA all the same.  Just wish I lived closer to a beach like this one.