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Happy Halloween

For My family, Halloween is akin to Christmas.  Not that we’re all evil or sinister (most of us, anyways) but we enjoy the decorations, the mood and the general festivity of the season. Tonight we’re hosting our 2nd annual Halloween Hootananny – not my choice of names but “2nd Annual Halloween Death & Splatter Festival” […]

R.I.P. Geocities

LA Times – Follow the link for a great article on the imminent demise of Geocities & the little group dedicated to archiving as much of it as they can. Interesting read. For those who don’t already know,  Geocities was the prototype to Godaddy and even Facebook.  It was designed to allow everyman to build […]

Mastodon & Dethklok – LC Pavilion, Columbus Ohio – 10-20-2009

The mighty Dethklok rolled into town on Tuesday, and I’m glad to say I survived the event. If you ever watch the show Metalocalypse on Cartoon Network, then you know just how dangerous a Dethklok show can be.  While I was there, few dismemberments or impalings occurred (at least that I noticed). It was a […]

Slayer – Playing With Dolls – In anticipation of the new Slayer album ‘World Painted Blood’, the band has released a trailer for the bonus DVD to accompany the deluxe edition of the CD. This 20 minute, 12 part video graphic novel (12 parts in 20 minutes – talk about A.D.D.!?) is directed by Metalocalypse director Mark Brooks. Check […]

Dave Mustaine – “I Like Playing With Guys Who Can Keep Time” – I thought Dave Mustaine converted to Christianity? If so, apparently forgiveness doesn’t extend to his old band mates in Metallica. Yeah, he was talking about that shit again. This particular incident comes from the latest issue of Terrorizer, as quoted by As usual (and splendidly pointed out by a few posters to […]

All That Remains – Newport Music Hall – 10/06/2009

Last Tuesday everyone in my family (except for my oldest Jill who was recovering from the Butthole Surfers show the night before) took in the Hard Drive Live tour featuring the twin’s favorite band, All That Remains. This turned out to be an awesome concert experience! First up was hardcore-ish act From Sword To Sunrise […]

Butthole Surfers – Newport Music Hall – 10/05/09

Ok, I always knew these guys were gonna be weird. And yep, they were. But let’s start at the beginning. . . Arrived at the show in time to catch the final few minutes of Psychic Ills. Mmmmk. To me, and I gotta be honest here, it was about 15 minutes (all one ‘song’) of […]

On Tour

And when I say ‘On Tour’, I mean me, not any band in particular. At least that’s it feels like with back-to-back concerts this week. Tonight is Butthole Surfers, which should be interesting to say the least. They’re legendary & pretty much a ‘must see’ in my book (since I never have up to this […]

GWAR – Wish You Were Here

Remember how I had to miss GWAR ’cause of my Cancun trip. Yeah, well my friends at Shockhound have decided to rub it in by offering me this tidbit of Oderus Urungus talking to (and mocking) the crowd at the San Diego Comic-con. How many pissed pants after this footage, no one knows for certain. […]

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