Happy Halloween

Evil Tree Pumpkin From Ehow.com For My family, Halloween is akin to Christmas.  Not that we’re all evil or sinister (most of us, anyways) but we enjoy the decorations, the mood and the general festivity of the season.

Tonight we’re hosting our 2nd annual Halloween Hootananny – not my choice of names but “2nd Annual Halloween Death & Splatter Festival” got vetoed by the powers that be.  Anyways, friends will be dropping by in costume, we’ll be cranking out creepy music by the likes of Midnight Syndicate, Nox Arcana or any of the plethora of sound effects CD’s I have (I kind of collect them. . cough, cough Horror Geek cough).

Here’s hoping you go celebrate the holiday with family & friends;  go to a costume party or at the very least a haunted house.   I went to Terrorfest this year – more on that in a later post.  But make the most of the season ’cause Old Man Winter will be here before you know it.


R.I.P. Geocities

LA Times – Follow the link for a great article on the imminent demise of Geocities & the little group dedicated to archiving as much of it as they can. Interesting read.

For those who don’t already know,  Geocities was the prototype to Godaddy and even Facebook.  It was designed to allow everyman to build a simple website where they could yap about whatever they wanted to the internet at large.  Sounds VERY familiar, eh?   Like many who now blog, I started with a terrible site comprised of mostly stolen code & borrowed images on Geocities. Then I moved up to Angelfire, to a slightly better site that I eventually shut down when I created The Rim of Hell. You can visit it’s tombstone HERE, although the only image on the page is corrupted now and I no longer have the login or password info to fix it.

But back to the LA Times article. The most interesting take-away to me is the Digital Archivers, who are attempting to preserve the entire network (although no one is really sure how big it is anymore!). This will undoubtedly be something more & more common in the future, as other digital offerings become outdated or obsolete. Think of the retro-gamers who collect old game console roms, or the mp3 archivists.

So that’s my new official excuse for all the time I waste out here. “I’m not downloading porn honey. I’m Digitally Archiving it!”. Think she’ll buy that? Meh, prolly not.

Mastodon & Dethklok – LC Pavilion, Columbus Ohio – 10-20-2009

brendon small (dethklok live) Pictures, Images and Photos

The mighty Dethklok rolled into town on Tuesday, and I’m glad to say I survived the event. If you ever watch the show Metalocalypse on Cartoon Network, then you know just how dangerous a Dethklok show can be.  While I was there, few dismemberments or impalings occurred (at least that I noticed).

It was a sold out show, so by the time I had had the obligatory cheaper beers at the bar next door and then gotten past security, I arrived just in time to hear High on Fire say “Thank you, good night”. Bummer.

Next up was the screamcore outfit known as Converge. Very heavy, driving hardcore/metal that has no gray area; you either love them or hate them. Personally, I liked them but they are definitely an acquired taste (must be all that Anal Cunt I’ve been listening to that softened me up for them?). They counted down how many songs they had left in their set so you know they’ve caught their share of flack on this tour. Sad really.

Mastodon followed almost an hour and half set that included their entire new CD ‘Crack the Sky’ BUT neither of their two earlier songs that I really dig – “March of the Fire Ants” & “Colony of Birchman”. Getting to be a trend with me, that bands aren’t playing the stuff I most want to hear when I see them live. Regardless, Mastodon has become, in my opinion, more stoner metal now so the setlist was heavy, but slower paced (and occasionally tedious). Still a good set to see live but I do prefer the older material.

Dethklok were last and well worth the wait. I’d heard that they usually opened with a short animated clip, but then the rest of the show was just the actual band playing live. Not so anymore. With a massive jumbotron behind them, Brendon Small & Co. had active animation going the entire show. Some were clips from the TV series, a lot seemed new. Now I know what you’re thinking – “really Rev, a TV show band?”. They’re the real deal folks. A bonafide melodic Death Metal act that lost no audience from openers Mastodon and easily channeled the crowd into multiple pits across the room. Talented, heavy as hell and relentlessly pummeling the crowd, I would not hesitate to see these guys again.

Here’s their setlist as stolen from Metalsetlists.com;

  • Theme
  • Bloodlines
  • Burn The Earth
  • Hatredcopter
  • Black Fire Upon Us
  • Birthday Dethday
  • Dethjingle
  • Dethsupport
  • Awaken
  • The Gears
  • Murmurder
  • Thunderhorse
  • Go Into The Water
  • Fansong

Amazing brutal concert!  I remain a loyal fan!! (Pic stolen from Photobucket)

Slayer – Playing With Dolls

KNAC.com – In anticipation of the new Slayer album ‘World Painted Blood’, the band has released a trailer for the bonus DVD to accompany the deluxe edition of the CD. This 20 minute, 12 part video graphic novel (12 parts in 20 minutes – talk about A.D.D.!?) is directed by Metalocalypse director Mark Brooks. Check it below, or follow the link back to the mighty KNAC.

Speaking of Metalocalypse, I’m seeing ole’ Dethklok tomorrow night. Wiki puts this show on par with seeing GWAR or Spinal Tap (both of whom I’ve seen live), so I’m pretty stoked. Check back here later in the week for an update. In the meantime (& in my best Nathan Explosion voice) – “Stay Brutal!”.

Dave Mustaine – “I Like Playing With Guys Who Can Keep Time”

Blabbermouth.net – I thought Dave Mustaine converted to Christianity? If so, apparently forgiveness doesn’t extend to his old band mates in Metallica. Yeah, he was talking about that shit again.

This particular incident comes from the latest issue of Terrorizer, as quoted by Blabbermouth.net. As usual (and splendidly pointed out by a few posters to the site), the interviewer basically feeds these questions to Mustaine to start a rant. How hard has IT EVER BEEN to get Dave Mustaine to rant, hmmm?? That’s like starting a BBQ with jet fuel – it’s gonna light, trust me.

So yeah, Dave’s still bitter and the press cashes in on it. Follow the think if you truly care. Am I no better, you may ask? After all, the Reverend is giving up valuable blog space where we could be discussing female breast buoyancy, pentheraphobia (fear of Mother-in-laws) or a host of other more interesting topics, right?

The answer: no, I’m probably just as guilty EXCEPT for one small exception. I only mention it here ’cause I’m too freakin’ lazy to work on a REAL post today. Hey, at least I’m honest. What’s everyone else’s excuse?

All That Remains – Newport Music Hall – 10/06/2009

ATR - Phil Labonte and my twinsLast Tuesday everyone in my family (except for my oldest Jill who was recovering from the Butthole Surfers show the night before) took in the Hard Drive Live tour featuring the twin’s favorite band, All That Remains. This turned out to be an awesome concert experience!

First up was hardcore-ish act From Sword To Sunrise (or FSTS as they’re sometimes called) out of Spokane, Washington. Decent energy, good stage presence. Fairly straight-forward screamcore, but well done.

Next were the surprisingly melodic Maylene & The Sons of Disaster. What a name, right? Just call’em MATSOD. And no, there was no female singer named Maylene fronting this six piece out of Birmingham, Alabama – as I understand it the name is a Ma Barker reference.  Anyhow, the boys’ appearance reminds me a little of the band Stillwater from the movie ‘Almost Famous’ but their sound is very heavy southern.  With THREE guitarists (holy Iron Maiden, Batman!) I was really digging their multi-layered rhythms and singable harmonies.  A big surprise and a group I would definitely see again.

After Maylene, we had the always enjoyable Goth/Alt. metal band Lacuna Coil from Milan, Italy. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen these folks, but they never fail to impress. Plus I kinda have a thing for singer Cristina Scabbia – hell, who doesn’t? Still, their newer stuff is dark, heavy and plays well live. Bassist Marco Coti Zelati had injured his arm, so the band openly admitted to playing along with his previously taped bass parts. No biggie really, and it was cool when his bandmates yelled for him to join them at the autograph table after the show. Gotta love the cohesive team vibe.

Headliners All That Remains completed the lineup with another piledriving performance, complete with an amazing wall of death in the moshpit at the end of show. Kudos to singer Phil Labonte as he orchestrated the maneuver for reminding everyone “No one leaves the floor injured. Take care of each other”. It worked, I didn’t see a drop of blood. If you’re unfamiliar with the wall of death, think of ‘red rover’ done to a metal song. Yeah, pretty brutal.

After the show, and thanks to my buddy Courtney, we were actually able to get backstage to the meet & greet for ATR. This was a blast, and totally worth the lack of sleep to see my girls chatting up bassist Jeanne Sagan, goofing around with guitarist Oli Herbert, and hugging the stuffing out of Phil Labonte. I gotta hand it to the band, every member seemed down to earth & appreciative of their fans. At least three times I heard one of them say “We’re just normal people. We’re just like you”. Very, very cool and what I hope is a wonderful memory for my kids – to be able to meet your favorite band and find out they’re decent folks to boot!

Great show, definitely one to remember.

Butthole Surfers – Newport Music Hall – 10/05/09

Ok, I always knew these guys were gonna be weird. And yep, they were. But let’s start at the beginning. . .

Arrived at the show in time to catch the final few minutes of Psychic Ills. Mmmmk. To me, and I gotta be honest here, it was about 15 minutes (all one ‘song’) of noise. Ambient noise, if that’s even possible. Hell, I’ve seen opening acts for Skinny Puppy that made more sense. But perhaps, coming in late to the show, I missed something. Like a complimentary round of Prozac. Dunno.

Anyhow, then the “classic” line-up of Gibby Haynes, Paul Leary, Jeff Pinkus (who kindly had his last name on his bass strap to help us all out), King Coffey, and Teresa Taylor took the stage. “Glad we’re all still alive” announced Gibby. Was he talking about the audience or his band mates? I’m thinkin’ the later.

They were loud, they were psycho-aggressive (in an unusual ‘Pink Floyd’ kinda way), and they had a huge screen behind them showing clips of movies and other strangeness (definitely some serious ‘Return of the Living Dead’ footage, I noticed). Gibby wielded a sax and his legendary ‘Gibbytronix’ mixing board to full effect, even singing through a bullhorn for a few songs (also legendary). Paul Leary is a prototype Tom Morello. . .using pick-scraping & other funkiness to create all sorts of strange sounds which was frankly, mesmerizing to behold.

Truthfully, the whole show was quite amazing and I was glad to be there EXCEPT FOR TWO THINGS. Call me sell-out, call me poser [cough, cough pewser cough}. When a band has a Billboard top 40 hit, and they’re ‘reunited’ for a tour, I WANNA HEAR IT! That’s right children, they did not play “Pepper”. Nope, not a smidge. They did play “Who Was in My Room Last Night?” (which I haven’t been able to get out of my head since, BTW), but no “Pepper”. Secondly, there was no burning cymbal (thanks Gibby).

ok, ok. It was still a Surfers show, and a damn good one. Just was hoping for the ‘complete’ show. That’s all I’m sayin’. Go see them if they come to your town. Or rent Guitar Hero II, y’know?

Fuck it. Here’s “Pepper”, the lame-ass ‘official’ version. I know some of you peckerheads don’t know the song, enjoy.

On Tour

And when I say ‘On Tour’, I mean me, not any band in particular. At least that’s it feels like with back-to-back concerts this week. Tonight is Butthole Surfers, which should be interesting to say the least. They’re legendary & pretty much a ‘must see’ in my book (since I never have up to this point). I’ll let you know what I think later on this week.

Tomorrow night is All That Remains & Lacuna Coil. Both shows are at the Newport Music Hall, so I should be pretty familiar with security by Wednesday. Not that I get into much trouble these days . . . but back in the day you had to know your security personnel to avoid a ‘situation’. Guess old habits die hard.

Wednesday night is Hanson. KIDDING. Well, not really – they ARE playing here but I’m sure as hell not attending. That’s a mean moshpit, at those Hanson shows (damn elbow throwing tweens).

Oh, and go rent ‘Trick R’ Treat’ while I’m out. It’s awesome! Hometown boy from Columbus penned/directed a really good (albeit bloody) Halloween flick.