It Was Only Thanksgiving, Right?

Seriously, it wasn’t Christmas was it? Perusing the news over at and I’m beginning to wonder, what with all the news item “gifts” that occurred over the past four days. . .

  • Yngwie Malmsteen has released a clip where he covers Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” on his Myspace page. Tim “Ripper” Owens is on vocals (added bonus)!  No really, it’s some decent shred, check it out.
  • The ‘classic’ line-up of Dokken reunited for first time in 10 years in a 2 song encore last night (11/29) in Anaheim, Cali.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Don Dokken, Jeff Pilson, Mick Brown AND George Lynch performed “When Heaven Comes Down” and “IN MY DREAMS” (!!) at the House of Blues.  Follow the link for some Youtube goodness of this historic occurrence.
  • Legendary guitarist John Christ (ex-Danzig) took the stage for the first time in 10 years this past Friday (11/27) for  a solo set mixing Danzig material with some Stevie Ray Vaughan & apparently even some Wizard of Oz.  Wish I coulda been there!  Met JC back when he was on tour with Danzig and he was a very cool dude, not to mention an exceptional guitarist.  Glad to hear he’s back gigging.
  • Henry Rollins has announced his latest spoken word tour . . . and he’s coming to my hometown of Columbus, Ohio.   April 02, LC Pavilion bitches.  YES!

All in all, not a bad way to start a week, eh?

Rob Zombie – LC Pavilion, Columbus Ohio – 11/25/2009

Per my previous post, I almost didn’t make this show but decided the day before to go for it.  I’m glad I did as Zombie put on yet another visually stunning, ass-kicking concert experience.  What with his success in the movies and rumors that Ozzy is trying to woo John 5 into replacing Zak Wylde, one wonders just how many opportunities there will be to see this band again?  I’m thinkin’ not many.

So there were two opening acts but since the show was sold-out and security was uber-tight, the wife and I waited it out at the A&R Music Bar next door.  Thus, didn’t see Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures but was told I didn’t miss anything.  Still, in all fairness I can’t say if I agree or not.

The first act we did catch were the Nekromantix out of Cali.  They play pretty standard Psychobilly/Punk but I still enjoyed them enough to buy a CD.  Added bonus is the lovely Lux on drums – wow, that girl can play!

Then came Zombie & Co. kicking it oldschool and taking no prisoners.  They sounded great, and played mostly old hits with only a few new songs sprinkled in to catch your interest.  Didn’t feel like the entire show was a sales pitch for the new CD, which is always good.

From a visual perspective, the band had a huge Jumbotron screen behind them and two smaller versions on either side.  While this is becoming more and more common with tours (probably easier to set-up/take down),  I do still prefer the old White  Zombie sets with tons of props, mannequins and the like.  Don’t get me wrong, there were still plenty of shooting flames, explosions, dancing robots (I can never remember that thing’s name) and the like – just a noticeable step down from days of yore.

That being said, aside from ticket & t-shirt prices ($35 for a shirt!), I can’t really complain about this show.  Zombie and his band played their hearts out & still act like they enjoy working together – which in the end is what you came to see, right?  Catch this tour if you can ’cause like I said, this may be your last chance to do so.

Zombie’s set list;

  • Channel X
  • Superbeast
  • Supercharger Heaven
  • Living Dead Girl
  • Demon Speeding
  • More Human Than Human
  • Sick Bubblegum
  • House of 1,000 Corpses/Drum Solo
  • Never Gonna Stop
  • Scum of the Earth
  • What?
  • American Witch
  • Thunderkiss ’65/guitar solo
  • Demonoid Phenomenon
  • Lords of Salem (one of my personal fav’s)
  • Dragula

And in the final moments. . .I went Zombie

So for weeks I’ve been stewing over the fact that Rob Zombie is coming here, and I NEVER miss a show if I can help it. Not since the White Zombie days. Hell, I met him and Kitty Moon before she was Kitty Moon-Zombie. I’m convinced he did a song on the X-Files soundtrack LOOOONNNNGGGG ago because he saw me with my X-Files t-shirt wandering around backstage. I’m delusional like that – I’m pretty sure he was actually just calling security on me at the time DESPITE my pass (I look shifty, or so my school principal once told me). But I digress. . .

Y’know, it’s gonna be Christmas soon. I’ve gifts to purchase. Bills to pay. Beers to finance. . .

Fuck it, it’s Thanksgiving Eve tomorrow and I’m going to Zombie! W00H00!! Tickets are bought and ride home pre-arranged. GAME ON!

Video: Acheron – I Am Heathen – Featuring this video for two reasons 1) they’re based out of Columbus and 2) a buddy (and occasional commenter on this blog) used to play guitar with these guys. Plus, Vincent Crowley and I seem to attend a lot of the same obscure concerts – although we’ve still never actually spoken to each other.

This is the first professionally shot video the band has done in it’s 20+ years of existence. And for you Anal Cunt fans – Kyle still has a mustache (saw a smart-ass poster on Blabber point that out and literally laughed out loud). Anyhow, decent tune – enjoy.

D.A.D. Release “Bad Craziness Beer” – Interesting article following the link about the newest release from Copenhagen rockers D.A.D., performers of this blog’s namesake tune ‘Rim of Hell’. But that was waaay back in 1989.

Since then the band has still been releasing albums that pretty much no one on this side of the Atlantic has known, or seemingly cared, much about. But all that’s about to change as D.A.D. are releasing Bad Craziness Beer (Holy Sammy Hagar, Batman!) which you can purchase an 18 pack of HERE provided you’re handy in Danish. . . and currency conversion. I find it ironic, and somewhat satisfying, that a band who inspired me to write this blog are releasing their own BEER. Way to make me proud, Jesper!

Also forthcoming from the boys is the ‘Overmuch Box’ limited edition uber-box set containing 12 CD’s (their entire collection to date), a cowskull shaped USB key with 2 gigs of goodies and 160 page book, all held within a cowskull tin (seeing a theme here?). And it can be yours for just about $170 American dollars!

Look, love this band but I can’t drop $1.70 American dollars right now. Consider me envious, you lucky bastards who actually go out and buy this one. Think of me as you listen to the remastered ‘Rim of Hell, will ya’?

Movie Review: Train (2008)

Train** May Contain Spoilers **

If you’re a big fan of Tortureporn, then by all means rent ‘Train’ this Tuesday when it comes to your local video store. Starring Thora Birch (‘American Beauty’) who seems a bit too classy for this type of film, she nonetheless turns in a believable performance even if the script itself has holes large enough to drive a truck through.

The plot is basically a revamping of ‘Turistas’ with a hint of ‘Hostel’ thrown in for good measure, wherein a touring American wrestling team gets lost somewhere in Russia and wind up on a train where all sorts of nastiness is taking place. From there, it’s pretty predictable with gratuitous hacking, ripping and even raping – if you’re into that sort of thing. Myself, I prefer to actually be scared in a Horror-ish film so I found the storyline to be sparsely inspired & chock full of unbelievable plot elements.

Not bad visually and decently paced for the most part, in the end there’s just not much here to stand out in a genre dripping full of bloody look-a-likes. ‘Train’ chugs along, but ultimately doesn’t take us anyplace new.

Until The Light Takes Us – A friend (or is that fiend) sent me a link to the official trailer for the upcoming Black Metal documentary ‘Until The Light Takes Us’.  After watching, I can only say ‘whoa’ – hope the actual movie is this good!

The story goes that 2 NY filmmakers moved to Norway & literally befriended many of the movers & shakers of the early black metal scene – to get a story like none before them, detailing the inner circle of musicians (some would say madmen?) who forged arguably one of the most extreme musical genres ever.

And the film makers actually did get interviews with some serious heavy hitters – Varg, Frost, Bard, Fenriz, Hellhammer, Abbath & Garm to name a few.  If you’re familiar with this genre at all, you understand that these are some of it’s pioneers – and many don’t do interviews that often.

The official website ( has quotes from some fairly prominent publications as well – Variety, Alternative Film Guide, LA Weekly and even The Onion are listed.  Sure, sure – it’s all part of the hype.  So I’m intrigued, what can I say?

Hope to see this somehow when it comes out (undoubtedly distribution will be hit n’ miss).  It has the high potential to shine some light on an excruciatingly dark & twisted music form.

More Bad Habits In A Public Restroom

A gift for you as we prepare to enter another work week.  Many moons ago, I described 8 bad habits I’ve encountered in public men’s rooms – such as auto-erogenous behavior, loud phlegm hacking or talking on your cell phone with the free hand. You can refresh your memory HERE if you like.

Well, the world hasn’t gotten better since I wrote that post. More deviant, rude and disgusting behavior has come to light so I feel obligated to give you the sequel to bad restroom behavior profiling;

  • The Nudist – this is the guy who can’t use a urinal without dropping trow & exposing 85% of his naked body to the world while he pees.  Kinda defeats the purpose of the zipper in front, doesn’t it Bonehead?  Secretly is hoping someone thinks his ass is cute.  No one does.
  • The Spy – is a little TOO interested in activity over in your stall, or on your side of the divider.  Probably feeling inferior . . . or looking for love in all the wrong places.
  • The Squatter – essentially goes into a stall and moves in.  Spreads out his newspaper, his briefcase, writes a few emails with the laptop, checks his fantasy football scores, adds a chapter to his novel.  All with a line outside waiting for the first available toilet.  Is actually homeless but doesn’t want his co-workers to know. . .
  • The Analyst – shares his very personal observations while at the urinal.  Hey, let’s face it – ANY discussions at the urinal must be carefully phrased but no one, I repeat NO ONE, needs an in-depth critique of your pee color, smell or any strange burning sensations you happen to be experiencing.  Get to the free clinic, sicko.
  • The Game Player – Starts & stops his peeing while making motor boat sounds.  Has serious mommy issues.  Is probably a serial killer.
  • The Sloppy Germaphobe – a personal favorite of mine (NOT!).   Is deathly afraid of catching Ebola in a public restroom  so uses 15 layers of paper on his toilet seat and washes up like a surgeon preparing for open heart.  Proceeds to leave wet toilet paper on the seat afterwards as well as a wadded towel on the door handle exiting the restroom – effectively setting a germ booby trap for those who follow.  Nice job Typhoid Larry,  way to think of anyone else.

As always, I may add a third installment to this list as inspiration hits me.  I’m sure there’s still plenty of bizarreness out there to be documented.