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It Was Only Thanksgiving, Right?

Seriously, it wasn’t Christmas was it? Perusing the news over at and I’m beginning to wonder, what with all the news item “gifts” that occurred over the past four days. . . Yngwie Malmsteen has released a clip where he covers Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” on his Myspace page. Tim “Ripper” Owens is on […]

Rob Zombie – LC Pavilion, Columbus Ohio – 11/25/2009

Per my previous post, I almost didn’t make this show but decided the day before to go for it.  I’m glad I did as Zombie put on yet another visually stunning, ass-kicking concert experience.  What with his success in the movies and rumors that Ozzy is trying to woo John 5 into replacing Zak Wylde, […]

And in the final moments. . .I went Zombie

So for weeks I’ve been stewing over the fact that Rob Zombie is coming here, and I NEVER miss a show if I can help it. Not since the White Zombie days. Hell, I met him and Kitty Moon before she was Kitty Moon-Zombie. I’m convinced he did a song on the X-Files soundtrack LOOOONNNNGGGG […]

Video: Acheron – I Am Heathen – Featuring this video for two reasons 1) they’re based out of Columbus and 2) a buddy (and occasional commenter on this blog) used to play guitar with these guys. Plus, Vincent Crowley and I seem to attend a lot of the same obscure concerts – although we’ve still never actually spoken to each […]

D.A.D. Release “Bad Craziness Beer” – Interesting article following the link about the newest release from Copenhagen rockers D.A.D., performers of this blog’s namesake tune ‘Rim of Hell’. But that was waaay back in 1989. Since then the band has still been releasing albums that pretty much no one on this side of the Atlantic has known, or seemingly […]

Movie Review: Train (2008)

** May Contain Spoilers ** If you’re a big fan of Tortureporn, then by all means rent ‘Train’ this Tuesday when it comes to your local video store. Starring Thora Birch (‘American Beauty’) who seems a bit too classy for this type of film, she nonetheless turns in a believable performance even if the script […]

Until The Light Takes Us – A friend (or is that fiend) sent me a link to the official trailer for the upcoming Black Metal documentary ‘Until The Light Takes Us’.  After watching, I can only say ‘whoa’ – hope the actual movie is this good! The story goes that 2 NY filmmakers moved to Norway & literally befriended […]


You heard me.

More Bad Habits In A Public Restroom

A gift for you as we prepare to enter another work week.  Many moons ago, I described 8 bad habits I’ve encountered in public men’s rooms – such as auto-erogenous behavior, loud phlegm hacking or talking on your cell phone with the free hand. You can refresh your memory HERE if you like. Well, the […]

AmpliChoir – It’s an interesting experiment in the potential & unified use of a massive audience such as the internet. But for right now, it’s also a clear example of “not everybody can sing”. Or maybe “ok, it’s kinda cool but what good is it. . really?”. You decide, follow the link.

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