Happy 2010!!

Last post of 2009.   Was gonna put a sexy or funny picture here for 2010, but everything I found was lame.  So no picture for you!

Enjoy tonight responsibly everyone.  Take a cab, have a designated driver, ride the bus – just don’t drive ’cause a weekend in the drunk tank is a definite buzz kill.  And we all know there can be even worse consequences if you choose to drive, so be smart. . .mmk?

Hope 2010 brings us even more of an upturn in the economy, some great concerts throughout the year and perhaps the return of Ozzfest.  I hope everyone over 18 gets some sexy romance type action UNLESS they’re directly related to me, in which case a handshake and a hug will do just fine.

May 2010 bring us peace on earth, good will amongst the tribes of the earth and a complete programming overhaul on MTV.  I hope everyone’s deeps wishes come true this year provided you’re not a psychopath, pedophile or a totalitarian egomaniac.  May Stephen King, Anne Rice, Clive Barker and Neil Gaiman keep writing at an astonishing clip and may anyone attempting to perpetuate ‘Twilight’ – type teen/supernatural offerings spare us their efforts & take up gardening instead.  May I get off my own ass and finish any of my numerous fictional projects as well.

Thanks for showing up here and reading my posts.  I appreciate it. .  .but feel free to send cash all the same.  Happy New Year & God bless !

Merry, Merry

Found this pic of a badass Santa online & had to share it. Maybe more kids would believe in the Fat Man if he released this type of press? Talk about ‘scared straight’.

Anhow, enjoy some time off with your family, kiddies. And always remember, dyslexic Luciferians worship Santa. Now where’s my ho, ho, ho’s at??

Is The Music Business Dividing Us Into Tribes?

Awhile back, I triumphantly applauded the ingenuity of Trent Reznor when he offered varying priced options to his release ‘Ghosts I-IV’, anywhere from free to the ‘Ultra Deluxe Limited Edition’ which clocked in at about 300 clams. You can relive my brilliance HERE if you’re feeling nostalgic but my point then, and still is, is that bands are exploiting their diehard fanbase to earn back their revenue these days.

Exhibit A – Nuclearblast records, home of too many legendary metal bands to name. If one takes a glance at the new release section (which I must confess to drooling over often), an interesting trend unfolds. The enigma of the Mail-order edition.

What is that, you say? Imagine your favorite artist releases a new CD. No longer is there just a radio-friendly version and a Parental Advisory version (or PA version as I found out so very long ago). Now we have other options such as vinyl editions, digi-packs and numbered limited editions available only via. . . say it together, mail order. These uber-collectible editions are often $100 bucks or more but include goodies that a true fan would sell his liver to acquire; hand-signed booklets, figurines, posters, banners, laminas, necklaces – hell, it’s like the contents of a Hot Topic are being included in the latest boxed releases. And while this can be a fanboys wet dream, I’m seeing a secondary effect I’m wondering if anyone besides myself has considered.

A typical music enthusiast can’t possibly afford ‘limited’ releases of every band he enjoys, so he has to prioritize. So say there are maybe 5 bands he’ll spot-on buy whatever comes down the pike. So Joe the Metalhead wears his shiny new ultra rare, collectible [Insert Band Name Here] necklace to his next concert & guess what? Other guys who either bought that same package or at least considered it, recognize the necklace for what it is & seek out Joe as ‘one of them’. Ta-da – a gang is born. A modern techno-shaman has just found the first followers in his new cult.

Now this kind of segregation is hardly new – Manowar fans have beaten the shit out of ‘posers’ wearing the wrong t-shirt for years. But this new twist is corporate based segmentation. It’s an artificially stimulated polarization of the crowd-pool controlled by marketing departments, not a fresh swell of support for emerging talent direct from the underground.

Where will it all lead? I haven’t a clue. But since KISS is pandering everything from condoms to caskets these days, they truly could amass an ‘army’, even if the majority of their soldiers are old enough to need walkers. And how much good comes from large crowds that are so easily persuaded, hmm?

Obituary Release New Tour Dates – Ohio Fucked Again

Blabbermouth.net – One of my all time favorite bands is touring again, but not to Ohio.   I can catch them in Detroit if I wished, but then y’know how those of us in Columbus feel about Michigan destinations.  Pass.

My second bitch (if I may) is the new DVD release ‘Live Xecution – Party San 2008’.  Professional footage, remixed sound yadda yadda.  Where the HELL is ‘Cause of Death’??  ONLY THE BEST OBITUARY SONG EVER??  Dammit.

Still, this trailer fucking rules.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting everyone in this band & I can tell you they are genuine, crazy-ass muthas that have always been decent to their fans.  Plus, dude – what other band works the long haired, survivalist look like these guys??  No one, I tell ya’.  Badass.

Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer & Anthrax to Perform Together For First Time EVER

KNAC.com – “Been busy, but better update the blog. Let’s see, what’s in the news. HOLY CRAP!!!!”

That’s how this evening started for me, kiddies. Because over at the link, I see that roughly 3 hours ago KNAC announced that the Big 4 are scheduled to perform together. . . on the same stage, on the same night – for the first time EVAR.  Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and my personal fav’s SLAYER.  The 4 horsemen of the Arockalypse, The First Sign of Armageddon.

Now even more interesting, is this show will be for those lucky enough to be in Poland on June 16th, 2010.  But there’s another scheduled in the Czech Republic.  And “more to be announced later”.

Dare we hope?  Dare we even to think it!?  And so close to the time of Rock On The Range, too.  I ain’t sayin’, I’m just sayin’. . .

Let us all pray.

The Next King Of Grindcore

KNAC.com – Thanks to KNAC (linked), I found this video and thought it was funny. And sadly true – most Grindcore is about as complicated (vocally) as this example.

I post this especially for my family members who complain I post too many videos (GODDAMN it Grandma, I told you to get off my site and go back to surfing porn!). Ahem, sorry – it needed to be said.

Anyhow, I present – The Next King of Grindcore. . . .

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