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Happy 2010!!

Last post of 2009.   Was gonna put a sexy or funny picture here for 2010, but everything I found was lame.  So no picture for you! Enjoy tonight responsibly everyone.  Take a cab, have a designated driver, ride the bus – just don’t drive ’cause a weekend in the drunk tank is a definite […]

Merry, Merry

Found this pic of a badass Santa online & had to share it. Maybe more kids would believe in the Fat Man if he released this type of press? Talk about ‘scared straight’. Anhow, enjoy some time off with your family, kiddies. And always remember, dyslexic Luciferians worship Santa. Now where’s my ho, ho, ho’s […]

Is The Music Business Dividing Us Into Tribes?

Awhile back, I triumphantly applauded the ingenuity of Trent Reznor when he offered varying priced options to his release ‘Ghosts I-IV’, anywhere from free to the ‘Ultra Deluxe Limited Edition’ which clocked in at about 300 clams. You can relive my brilliance HERE if you’re feeling nostalgic but my point then, and still is, is […]

Obituary Release New Tour Dates – Ohio Fucked Again – One of my all time favorite bands is touring again, but not to Ohio.   I can catch them in Detroit if I wished, but then y’know how those of us in Columbus feel about Michigan destinations.  Pass. My second bitch (if I may) is the new DVD release ‘Live Xecution – Party […]

Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer & Anthrax to Perform Together For First Time EVER – “Been busy, but better update the blog. Let’s see, what’s in the news. HOLY CRAP!!!!” That’s how this evening started for me, kiddies. Because over at the link, I see that roughly 3 hours ago KNAC announced that the Big 4 are scheduled to perform together. . . on the same stage, on […]

The Next King Of Grindcore – Thanks to KNAC (linked), I found this video and thought it was funny. And sadly true – most Grindcore is about as complicated (vocally) as this example. I post this especially for my family members who complain I post too many videos (GODDAMN it Grandma, I told you to get off my site […]

Heavy Metal Satan Fingers

Found this online & thought it was amusing; an analysis of the different types of ‘Satan Fingers’.  Not a complete list, by any means – it doesn’t have Ronnie James Dio’s infamous Devil Horns gesture, for example. Perhaps I’m just reading too much into it. . .

If Rob Zombie Had Adapted ‘Where The Wild Things Are’

Kinda Funny. . . and in keeping with a recent topic. G4 gives us an answer to that age old question – “hey, what if Rob Zombie had adapted Where The Wild Things Are?”. Enjoy.

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