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Anyone who knows me, knows I appreciate beer technology. Or in this case, the adaptation of existing technology for the greater good of beer. Behold. . . I especially like the attention to detail here.  The straps still wrapped around the unopened ‘paper boxes’.  Brilliantly done, boys! (thanks Betsy for sharing). Oh, and check out […]

Scorpions To Do One Final Tour – According to the official statement posted at the link, the Scorpions are releasing one final album and following it up with a tour. And that’ll be that. I can remember when these guys were playing sold-out shows in stadiums all across the country. Seems surreal that they will be calling it quits soon. […]

Movie Review: Legion (2010)

Just got back from a preview of the new flick ‘Legion’ starring Paul Bettany,  Lucas Black,  Dennis Quaid & Charles S. Dutton.  It’s essentially a biblical apocalypse story with a thinly guised homage to numerous other genre films thrown in for good measure. Bettany plays the archangel Michael, who’s been cast out of Heaven (a […]

Update on Ronnie James Dio – With all the news about Haiti on the airwaves & in our hearts, it’s easy to overlook the quieter battles that are also taking place. Ronnie James Dio has been diagnosed with stomach cancer & like anyone in that situation, is fighting to stay healthy and win out over this dread disease.  Follow […]

Gaahl to Star in Black Metal Musical – Former Gorgoroth frontman Gaahl has been cast in a ‘black metal musical’ based on the concept album ‘Svartediket’, which is in turn based on myths involving a lake of that name outside of Bergen,Norway. Yep, three words that aren’t often in a sentence together – “black”, “Metal” and “musical”.  Conjures visions of corpse […]

Video: The Master’s Sack 36

Found on Youtube.  . . one word, OMG!  Yeah, I know it’s long at 9:41, but watch it.  WATCH IT!  Freakin’ hilarious!  Funnier than 95% of the crap on broadcast TV and 100% of anything on MTV.  Enjoy. disclaimer: Not safe for work, church, and in the presence of minors.  The Rim of Hell does […]

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