Anyone who knows me, knows I appreciate beer technology. Or in this case, the adaptation of existing technology for the greater good of beer. Behold. . .

I especially like the attention to detail here.  The straps still wrapped around the unopened ‘paper boxes’.  Brilliantly done, boys!

(thanks Betsy for sharing).

Oh, and check out the originating site – the very funny

Scorpions To Do One Final Tour – According to the official statement posted at the link, the Scorpions are releasing one final album and following it up with a tour. And that’ll be that.

I can remember when these guys were playing sold-out shows in stadiums all across the country. Seems surreal that they will be calling it quits soon. Although soon might be a bit of stretch since they’ve allowed for ‘several years’ of touring to support the new album.

As sad as I am to hear such talk of a final tour, I hope they do make it a true ‘final’ tour. Don’t pull a KISS and have a series of ‘final tours’ followed by hired guns to fill in for founding band members. Go out with your guns blazing, I say.

And bring the tour to Columbus so I can see you once more. 🙂

Movie Review: Legion (2010)

Just got back from a preview of the new flick ‘Legion’ starring Paul Bettany,  Lucas Black,  Dennis Quaid & Charles S. Dutton.  It’s essentially a biblical apocalypse story with a thinly guised homage to numerous other genre films thrown in for good measure.

Bettany plays the archangel Michael, who’s been cast out of Heaven (a la Terminator – the first of numerous scenes that are heavily influenced by those films) for siding with the humans against God.  Seems the Divine has decided we’re all worthless again and instead of flooding everything, this time he’s sending his ‘legion’ of angels to destroy us all.

Dennis Quaid & Lucas Black play a misfit pair of father/son who own & run the ironically named (but not really) Paradise Falls diner wherein works an expecting waitress named Charlie (Adrianne Palicki).  Oh, and she’s carrying some ‘messiah’-like child in her womb that Michael swears to protect and God’s legions are sent to destroy.  Cue scenes from ‘The Mist’ as strangers are trapped in the diner along with the above named cast while an army of possessed zombie/angel people try to break in and gut the waitress.  Nice eh – boy, when God get’s pissed he REALLY gets pissed.

Redeeming performances by Charles S. Dutton as kindly, religious cook Percy (& probably the strongest character portrayal of the movie), Tyrese Gibson as reformed thug Kyle and Kevin Durand as the archangel Gabriel do help keep one interested, but there’s plenty of slow spots to trudge through before the final reel.  Lots of unlikely plot twists are thankfully tempered with sizable amounts of action (especially if you’re a fan of car explosions), building up to a so-so ending that also borrows heavily from James Cameron.

There are some good creepy scenes however;  the possessed granny and the ice cream man give some genuine chills but no mention of any demons or devils through-out the entire film.  Yep – the apocalypse starts and apparently Ole’ Scratch was nappin’.  Or maybe holding out until the sequel.  In either case, not a terribly bloody film and worth a watch if you’re into this type of thing (like I am).  However, I have to add that I thought the similarly themed ‘The Prophecy’ was better.  And it HAD the Devil in it.

Update on Ronnie James Dio – With all the news about Haiti on the airwaves & in our hearts, it’s easy to overlook the quieter battles that are also taking place. Ronnie James Dio has been diagnosed with stomach cancer & like anyone in that situation, is fighting to stay healthy and win out over this dread disease.  Follow the link for an update from Wendy Dio, Ronnie’s wife and manager, over at Blabbermouth.

Keeping you in our hearts & prayers, Ronnie.  Get better and keep the dreams a comin’.

Gaahl to Star in Black Metal Musical – Former Gorgoroth frontman Gaahl has been cast in a ‘black metal musical’ based on the concept album ‘Svartediket’, which is in turn based on myths involving a lake of that name outside of Bergen,Norway. Yep, three words that aren’t often in a sentence together – “black”, “Metal” and “musical”.  Conjures visions of corpse painted ballerinas running around in tutu’s, doesn’t it?  Ok, maybe that’s just me.

Anyhow,  if you follow the link you’ll see that Gaahl continues to spew his anti-christian rhetoric (gee, he sang for a black metal band and he hates Christians – go figure) but this time has captured the attention of the media in general & Lutheran bishop Halvor Nordhaug in particular. Seems His Excellency believes Gaahl “displays some scary attitudes by defending church burnings”. Ok, I would agree that extremist viewpoints condoning violence of this nature could understandably be construed as  ‘scary’. Or ‘insane’. Score one for the Bishop.

But here’s where it gets interesting. Gaahl is reportedly gay.  So if it’s ok to believe “We have to remove every trace from what Christianity, and the semitic roots, have to offer this world” as he states in the 2005 documentary “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey” then does he also agree that those of an opposing viewpoint towards HIS sexuality have that same right?  Is gay-bashing justified??

I think this is clearly an example of “eye for an eye and the world goes blind”.  Gaahl – your hypocrisy is showing.  And I don’t mean Pete Tägtgren’s band either.  Perhaps before recommending that the black masses continue senseless church burnings, you should first consider your own glass house, hmmm?

Video: The Master’s Sack 36

Found on Youtube.  . . one word, OMG!  Yeah, I know it’s long at 9:41, but watch it.  WATCH IT!  Freakin’ hilarious!  Funnier than 95% of the crap on broadcast TV and 100% of anything on MTV.  Enjoy.

disclaimer: Not safe for work, church, and in the presence of minors.  The Rim of Hell does not condone drug use, profanity or threats of displaying one’s private parts to hapless viewers.

second disclaimer: I HEARD those of you who laughed at the first disclaimer.  We do NOT condone no fucking profanity, mmmk?  Believe it.

third disclaimer: watch the damn video already !