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Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency

I go to strange sites sometimes. Other than this one, mind you (smartasses). For instance, check out this little beauty; – That stands for the Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency.  Your tax dollars hard at work, I’m sure.  [pay close attention to the fine print, those of you who fanaticize easily]. If that doesn’t […]

Lindsay Lohan Still Sadly Removed From Reality – Saw this article a few days ago & it saddened me. It seems Lindsay Lohan has filed a $100 Million dollar lawsuit against E-trade for their commercial that you may have seen during the Superbowl, the one involving the boyfriend stealing ‘milkaholic’ tot named Lindsay.  Aw hell, watch it down below these insightful […]

A Bad Day For Lead Singers

Several articles on have caught my attention, and I’m noticing a theme here – all centered around the vocalists of bands. Troublemakers that they are. First up, Slash is releasing a different single from his new self-titled album, opting to go with Wolfmother’s Andrew Stockdale singing “By The Sword” over Ozzy singing a little […]

A Facebook Group Worth Joining – An enterprising fan has started a group on Facebook to get Iron Maiden selected to open (or close) the 2012 Olympic games hosted in Maiden’s hometown of London, England. Since the Rim of Hell staff are all huge Maiden fans, we couldn’t help but pass this along to the masses. What? You’d have […]

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