Concert Review: Parental Advisory Tour

Folks – there are shows and then there are shows.  $10 to see SIX bands at the legendary Alrosa Villa – It just doesn’t get any better than that.  Here’s how it shook out;

First up were two local bands that have some history together (member shifts, that sorta thing) – Dark War & Slaves of Shiva.  The first is heavily Black Sabbath influenced, the second reminds me a lot of Clutch.  Both were decent openers but a poor sound mix really hurt their performances in my mind.  Still, I’d check either out again.  ‘Fallen’ by Dark War and ‘The Horns’ by Slaves definitely rank as recommended listening so check out the links.

Next up were some Rim of Hell favs – the beer drinkin’ hell raisers known as American Dog.   It’d been 8 years since these guys have played the ‘rosa and like returning heros they tore it apart.  Tighter than ever with their original lineup, AD continues to show how to entertain.  Sadly, they didn’t play “I Drank Too Much” which is pretty much their trademark – otherwise, excellent set and I was very happy to have a cold one with them.

Up next was a band I’ve also featured here on the Rim, Psychostick.  Almost as a theme to the evening, this is a band that’s hard to pigeonhole.  ‘Humor-core’ they call their own brand of craziness & well, that’s as close as anything I can come up with to describe what I saw.  Part punk, park metal and a whole lot of silly (they did a Heavy Metal cover of ‘Highway to the Danger Zone’ – complete with mirrored sunglasses), Psychostick were at once charismatic & goofy.  But when they cranked, the hordes responded.  And the Reverend saw that it was good (hell, bought a CD and T-shirt which I’m wearing as I write this).  Highly, highly recommended.

Then, after a 19 year absence returned the completely insane Green Jello. . . I mean, Green Jelly (ok, let’s be honest – they still call themselves Green Jello.  Fuck the suits).  Describing a Green Jello show is akin to doing color commentary on an acid trip;  it’s tricky to follow & occasionally you have no idea what you’re looking at.  Still, coming on stage to the announcement “you wanted the worst, you got the worst”, the countless musicians that make up Green Jello (how many is it, really?) formed an endless parade of Cow Gods, Angry Veggies and stuff that just can’t be put to pixel – and entertained the hell out of an audience in the process.  My favorite moments – their cover of Rob Zombie’s Dragula (appropriately called ‘Count Chocula’) and when they pulled 40+ people out of the audience onstage for the big finale – the 3 little pigs.  Two of those onstage being my friend Kevin and my wife (who danced with a Cougar-ish biker chick while I drooled. . . I mean watched).

The last band of the evening, and one I sadly had to miss most of their show, was the nefarious Nashville Pussy.  Named after lyrics in a Ted Nugent song, this is some serious drinkin’ music – enough to put my boys in American Dog to task.  Husband & wife Blaine Cartwright and Ruyter Suys along with bassist Karen Cuda and drummer Jeremy Thompson played a hard driving set of Southern tinged, asskickin’ hymns of mayhem.  In other words, I really wish I could’ve stayed to see the whole set.  Plus Ruyter is one of the hottest lead guitarists I’ve seen in quite some time.

So there you have it, kiddies.  A monumental show that I’m truly glad I attended.  Hope to see everyone again – Here’s some Green JELLO to finish things off;

RIP – Peter Steele

I am speechless at the loss of Peter Steele, lead singer & bassist for the Gothic Metal band Type O Negative.  I won’t even try to elaborate, as for once words fail.   My Family & I are all deeply saddened by the news of our fallen brother.

Sleep well, Peter – you will be missed.

An Evening With Henry Rollins

Y’know, my ‘bucket list’ is quite extensive. After all, I don’t plan on kicking it anytime soon (despite occasional evenings where it appears the contrary). One entry on said list has always been to see/hear Henry Rollins do spoken word. Check that one off – mission accomplished.

Hank came to town on Friday at the LC Pavilion. The wife and I decided last minute to go – hell, that’s pretty much how we make decisions these days.  WTF, it was awesome & I recommend everyone do the same if they get the chance.

Rollins spoke for at least 2 1/2 hours, possibly longer as I was having a cocktail or seven and lost track. Despite his ominous appearance – he was funny, he was well spoken with nary a hesitation or stutter in the entire length of time he was on stage, and most importantly – he was educational as well as entertaining.  Where I thought we might be subjected to egotistical rantings from an extensive repertoire of published works, instead we got conversational monologue that felt personal & unrehearsed (“Newport Music hall – you walk in & smell that smell. . . you’re like ‘REALLY?'”).  Anyone who’s been to the Newport knows EXACTLY what Henry is talking about.

Politically, Rollins makes no bones about his dislike of Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh – but wasn’t particularly lenient on the Liberals either.  I like a man who pokes fun at everyone as I pretty much do the same.  Fuck it, I still vote so I can do that.  😛

Regardless, Henry Rollins is a class act & deserving of his Punk Rock icon status in my book.  What could’ve been a regrettable evening of long winded & self important hyperbole was instead a night both my wife and I shall always cherish.

C’ya next time, HR.