Music Review: Krokus – Hoodoo

After 20 years, the original line-up of Krokus have reunited and brought forth a new release – Hoodoo.  Fans of the world rejoice!

That pretty much sums up the new body of work in my opinion; if you like Krokus & are a fan of classics like “Screaming in the Night” or “Midnight Maniac”, you will be absolutely thrilled to hear fresh material that showcases their somewhat derivative brand of blues-inspired rock n’ roll.  If you found them to be a tad formulaic, then this may not be such a blessing for you.

First, and most amazingly, the band sounds great!  Vocalist Marc Storace has apparently had his vocal chords in cryonics for the past 20 as he sounds identical to how he did in the 80’s.  Guitarists Mark Kohler & Fernando von Arb (LOVE that guy’s name) still have the chops despite a deficiency of fret-burning in this release.  Especially interesting is the band’s cover of the Steppenwolf staple “Born To Be Wild” – still prefer the original, sorry guys.  Other notable tracks are “Hoodoo Woman”, the AC/DC-ish “Rock ‘N’ Roll Handshake” , the very singable “Too Hot” & my fav of the disc – “Ride Into The Sun” (which could almost pass as a sequel of sorts to ‘Screaming in the Night’).

In fact my biggest complaint with ‘Hoodoo’ is just that there’s no new instant classic track to rival some of the band’s earlier works.   Not that this is a terrible thing but it doesn’t help with a reputation as “The World’s Greatest OPENING Act” due to a shortage of headlining gigs in the good ole’ US.  Doubtful this release will remedy that situation but here’s my wish; they get back into the swing of recording/touring together & then release a follow-up that’s more up-tempo, aggressive and lets the six strings run free.

If that happens – i’ll be a believer that Krokus does in fact still possess the ‘Hoodoo’.  As it is, the potential is there, I just need them to blow the dust off their speakers.  Make it so boys!