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The Incomparable Rob Zombie

Totally stealing this story from a Mr. Jason Spruill, who posted on Facebook the following story in response to a question from Live Nation about “Most Memorable Concert Experience”. I’ll let Mr. Spruill say it in his own words; Rob ZOMBIE sayin at MAYHEM in OKC 81410 were goin to get fined 2500 for every […]

Music Review: Kopek – White Collar Lies

Kopek is an Irish rock trio out of Dublin who released their first CD “White Collar Lies” on iTunes back in June. The hard copy version will be out in mid-September, so you still have plenty of time to decide if you want to download now, or go oldschool to wait for the disc.  I […]

Locusta – S/T [Pragmatic Releases]

Seriously backlogged on CD & concert reviews so let’s play catch up, shall we? Tonight’s entry is from Locusta, an eponymous effort from this Death/Black metal outfit I reviewed as part of my Comfest post. They were incredibly tight live – was lucky enough to pick up their disk at the show (Thanks Dru!). What […]

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