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Concert Review: Genitorturers – Alrosa Villa – 11/13/2010

Fourth stop in my Reverend Mortis mini-tour was the legendary Genitorturers at the Alrosa. Now a long time ago, I remember seeing an interview with Fee Waybill of The Tubes where he mentioned not wanting to compete with some of the more modern rock acts like the Genitorturers. And by compete, I mean ‘try to […]

Concert Review: All That Remains – Newport Music Hall, 11/12/2010

Sorry I’ve been away. In addition to seeing a ton of shows recently, I also found myself sicker than a dog over the weekend. Gotta Love the Death Cough. Anyhow, waaay back about 10 days ago I took the twins to see their favorite band in the world – All That Remains. Here’s my impression […]

Concert Review: Possessed-Marduk-Withered, Alrosa Villa 11-05-2010

Does it seem like I’ve been on tour? It does to me, but perhaps that’s because I will have been to 6 shows in a 2 week period (a personal record, I think). Mushroomhead was the first in the series, now we’re up to number #2 (as opposed to taking a #2, but I digress). […]

Concert Review: Mushroomhead – Alrosa Villa, 10.29.2010

For me, there were many disappointing aspects to Halloween this year;  my two perennial favorite shows (Misfits & GWAR) had to both be missed.  Wasn’t able to wander thru a single haunted house & didn’t give out any candy for Beggar’s Night.  All in all, a paltry & sad specimen of the season of Samhain. […]

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