Happy Easter!

funnyeaster5So I found this pic while searching “funny easter” with an image search in Google.  For proper credit, it comes from HERE. And this is considered funny why again??  Several words come to mind but ‘funny’ isn’t one of them.  Anyone thinking this is funny probably subscribes to Maxim ’cause it’s hilarious!

But worse, have you ever seen so many disturbing
images associated with a holiday? Other than Halloween (which makes sense) & Christmas, which is a huge commercial event so you’ll have that.

I mean, there are dead bunny pics, dead peeps pics, blasphemous Jesus jokes. . . wow, who knew so much negative attention was given to this somewhat sentimental of days??

Here’s hoping you used today to enjoy family & friends and maybe got outside a little.  If you avoided a diabetic coma from too much chocolate intake, even better!

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