Being a Bad Influence on my Kids . . .Again

Last week sometime, while driving my daughters to and from their Tae Kwon Do lessons, I happened to tell them a story from when I was a youth (No, Jesus was NOT in my graduating class).  Anyhow, we were talking about lousy teachers we’ve each had over the years, and my tale was of an english teacher with a habit of using the word ‘basically’ like most people inhale oxygen.  One class, bored to tears, I counted her using this pet expression 35 times.  In a single class.   I don’t think I’ve used that word since the millennium changed.

To this day, I cannot imagine what kind of hell the teacher’s lounge must’ve been like.  “Basically, my class was awful today.  I mean, basically – that young metalhead kid just kept asking questions and I. . .well, basically wanted to slam his head into the blackboard. Basically”.  Brrrr. Her voice haunts me still.

So, today my youngest informs me that she has a history teacher who talks like Mr. Mackey off of South Park i.e. uses the phrase ‘mmmmk?’ every other sentence.  Remembering my story, she decided to count how often the phrase came up in class, and lost count at 30.  She then extrapolated that this meant the man used that same phrase some 240 times on any given day, or 1680 times a week.  She was going to calculate this further once she got her homework finished.

I think that constitutes abuse of the math system, if I’m not mistaken.  But I kinda dig the fact that if she wasn’t gonna listen in class, and she WAS gonna make fun of the teacher, she at least did her research.

I just know somehow this is all going to end with my wife’s pet phrase being thrown at me in a principal’s office.  “This is ALL YOUR FAULT!”. 

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