Alice Cooper Performs at ASU Commencement – Follow the link to see KNAC’s article (& some fan footage) of Alice Cooper performing with his son Dash (soon to be a 2010 graduate of ASU himself) & his band Runaway Phoenix. Hey, it’s fan footage so don’t expect Dolby 7.1, mmmk?

I was impressed by how well Alice’s vocals have held up – you go Mr. Niceguy! Would still love to see AC headline a festival type tour a la Ozzfest, perhaps with nothing but creepy goth themed bands supporting him like Wednesday 13, Deathstars or maybe even The Misfits.

Hey, a guy can dream can’t he?

3 thoughts on “Alice Cooper Performs at ASU Commencement

  1. COD

    I heard on AC’s radio show that he will be touring this summer. I might have to take my son. He has become a fan listening to the radio show in the car on the way home from fencing practice.

  2. Alice puts on a great live show. He’s got more energy than Ozzy and like the Prince of Darkness he surrounds himself with very talented, young musicians (often Eric Singer from KISS on the drums, for example).

    First time I saw him he was still using a lot of props, but has kind of gotten away from that in later years, sadly. Would love to see him bring back the toys, y’know?

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