Lovecraft Would’ve Loved This. . . – like something out of “Colour Out of Space” or any of a myriad of Lovecraft stories, John West & his colleagues at Arizona State University have discovered traces of a lithospheric drip, ok it’s a blob. . . we can call it a blob can’t we, roughly 47 miles below the earth’s surface.   It”s a ‘honey drip’ type occurence that happens when heated heavier matter is submerged amidst lighter heated material.  Uhm, we’d call that ‘sinking sludge’ or something up here on the surface but I digress.

Follow the link to check it out – it’s not carnivorous or anything like I hoped when I originally followed the link, but still kinda kewl.  In a geeky, you’ll-never-get-laid kinda way.

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