Back From The Lake. . .

Just got back from spending the weekend at Indian Lake & what a trip it was. I’ll give you the abridged breakdown on account of no one really cares about other people’s vacations.

Friday – Set up camp, then went out to eat at an overpriced seafood place. Found a decent bar called Froggy’s At the Lake where a band called Time Machine was playing classic rock hits all night. I’ve included the link since about 134 bands seem to go by that name if you Google it. Anyhow, they were a tight, jammin’ foursome – the riffs from lead guitarist Carmen were especially solid.   Hope to see these guys from my old hometown of Dayton again sometime on the circuit.

Saturday – rented a pontoon boat and spent the day with my wife, my sister and her husband cruising all over the lake (and doing everything I could not to damage the $30K+ watercraft).  Thankfully I was successful but in being so over cautious missed my chance to go all pirate-like on the locals.  Dined at Cranberry Resort – who have OUTSTANDING hamburgers, I might add – and then later found my wife and I the target of a swinging (& somewhat creepy) married couple at a nearby watering hole. Evaded their talons & went back to the campsite where it was safer for the rest of the evening.

Sunday – Eggs & Sausage by campfire for breakfast, packed up headed home. Stopped by Ohio Caverns and took the tour on the way.  After about 10 minutes from leaving there, had a nice blowout on the highway with the camper.  2 hours later (and a lot of education about how poorly prepared we were for a flat with that beast), we’d gotten the tire replaced and were speeding homeward.

Now I’m here at my computer, freshly showered and reminiscing.  I really wished I had gone all pirate on the lake yesterday – no one EVER expects pirates on a lake!  Maybe next time. . .

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