Guitar Hero: WTF – According to Philthy Phil on KNAC, Activision has confirmed that the upcoming Guitar Hero: Van Halen will not include Michael Anthony or Sammy Hagar. WHAT!?! Look, I’m not a huge fan of the Van Hagar days, but many people are and they were an incredible commercial success. To say otherwise would be asinine denial, pure & simple.

But worse, no Michael Anthony?? THEE bassist behind both incarnations of Van Halen throughout their storied career, not represented on the new game?? Preposterous!! I know Michael and Eddie have had their differences & the finger-pointing continues as to why Anthony is no longer a part of the band (cough, cough, nepotism, cough) but to ignore his contributions is like releasing Guitar Hero: Beatles minus George Harrison. It’d be like Donkey Kong with no Mario (ok, just dated myself, didn’t I?).

Once again, we are shown how greed and hubris outweigh integrity & quality in today’s marketplace. Boycott this game, I say. Let it decay on the shelves until a REAL edition can be released, with EVERY version of VH included. What an insult to Van Halen fans, and music fans in general.

Should just call this release Guitar Hero: Why The Fuck Bother.

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