Brew Ha-Ha 2009

As previously mentioned, I was in the ‘Natti Friday night & went to an outdoor comedy festival at Sawyer Park called Brew Ha-Ha.  72 different types of beer to sample, 50 comedians.  I WAS IN HEAVEN!

The beer sampling was hit and miss; some were great – Abita’s Purple Haze & Bear Republic’s Red Rocket.  Some, not so much – Magic Hat’s Lucky Kat and Christian Moerlein’s Friend of an Irishman didn’t do anything for me (perhaps ’cause I don’t like to chew my beer).  But at $1 for a 3 oz. sample, I tried plenty of strange brews to consider on my next trip to a finer beer store, or Whole Foods.

Comedian-wise, there were a lot of ‘meh’ acts but a few real gems.  Jimmy Walker (JJ from “Good Times”) was pretty funny, but I honestly didn’t know who he was until after he was off the stage. My wife got his autograph without knowing who he was (AWKWARD). That’s the problem when a skinny guy gets older – no one knows who the hell he is anymore. Believe me, it happens to me all the time!

Other lesser knowns were the highlight of the festival. Such as Julie Scoggins;

And my favorite of the evening, headliner John Henton (Obie from Living Single) channeled Bill Cosby as he tore through an hour set that literally left many of us wiping away tears. I had a drink with the guy later (he was staying at the Hilton too!) and found him kind & soft spoken. I wish him well . . . and a damn HBO special. This man is FUNNY!

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